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  1. Hi Guys. I know its a long shot ( no pun intended ) but.... A good friend of mine is seriously after a Thompson Contender Encore barrel chambered in .45 Colt. Any length will do but 10in would be best. Please PM me with any info. Many thanks.
  2. I knocked a bumblebee out of the sky with my catapult at 20 feet aged 10
  3. varmartin

    Now this is how you build a gun

    I expect they stayed in Russia.....
  4. varmartin

    Lead shot ban

  5. varmartin

    Another addition to the harem...

    Very nice set up, and a cracking picture ...I wonder how many would `save image as` and use it as wallpaper on there PC if it was a larger file?
  6. varmartin

    WANTED Peli storm case; iM2400 Size Case or W.H.Y

    Im Sorted now.
  7. varmartin

    WANTED Peli storm case; iM2400 Size Case or W.H.Y

    Yes Mark, not really looked at any thing else. It has to protect some electronic communication equipment in the back of my 4x4. Did you have something else in mind mate ?
  8. Hi .. Im after a Peli storm Medium size case of approx dimensions L457xW330xD170 or there abouts .. Any one have something not being used ? Martin
  9. varmartin

    Training rifle air or rimfire ?

    It sure is a Winchester model 52 ....but a `B`...and it was born in 1947 !!! :wub:
  10. varmartin

    Training rifle air or rimfire ?

    My `Longrange` .22LR it will group into an inch @ 100m when I can get it together... Any body guess the make/model/year ?
  11. varmartin

    Our Foxing2night is famous

    Wow, what an achievement !! Well done my mate . :-)
  12. varmartin

    Calibre advice needed.

    If you get the chance to go hunting Bears with your mate and the Bear starts chasing you... Never try to outrun the Bear.....just make sure you outrun your mate...
  13. varmartin

    New set up required

    Oooow....snappy come back !...lets not hijack the thread.... I deffo agree with Danpd.....reloading is the way to go if spending obscene amounts of $$$, disappointment will be the result if not
  14. varmartin

    New set up required

    He got flammed....by Spudzilla lol.....mmmmm....sort your grammer out mark ...
  15. varmartin

    Velocity ??

    What Lee said....... Take the guess work out, gain access to a chronograph and gather the required data... Just for info....In `Call of duty` the PS3 Game if your weapon has a suppressor fitted they don't heart as much !!! :lol:

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