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  1. re'M'ington

    Shining a barrel

    try this mate.......... http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_storeId_10001_catalogId_10151_categoryId_165594_productId_764653_langId_-1?cm_mmc=GooglePPC-_-Google%20Product%20Search-_-Car%20Care%20%26%20Maintenance%2FCar%20Paints%20%26%20Car%20Body%20Repairs%2FCar%20Rust%20Removal%20%26%20Treatment-_-Policraft%20Steel%20%26%20Stainless%20Steel%20Polishing%20Kit&source=ppc
  2. re'M'ington


    It is disgraceful Spud,but I think I have that trumped,this was dumped a couple of years ago........ In hind sight I should of took it home and made a decent trailer out of it,but,as you were I was so incensed at the time I wasn't thinking straight..........lol Martin
  3. re'M'ington

    Fantastic new permission

    Just goes to show bud,keep yourself out there and ask everyone and anyone,and keep on asking,I have done the very same myself in the past. Martin
  4. re'M'ington

    Had the truck sign written today............

    I take on board your criticism but if I had made the logo smaller it wouldn't have had the same sort of readability,and I purposely put the phone number where it is,and I am very happy with it.....thank you though. Martin
  5. re'M'ington

    Foxing in Norway

    Nice one Toby mate,you do get some great looking tails over there don't you. Martin
  6. re'M'ington

    my new larder/cutting room taking shape

    I have asthma and afterf having a lot of broken ribs in the RTA I had in October it has got a bit worse,although it is starting to level off a bit.........thanks for your concern though.......lol Martin
  7. re'M'ington

    Long range deer / varminter.

    As a stalker myself,although I think it is a fantastically made rifle I would definitely require more than the single shot,after all with a long shot you are more likely to need a follow up.I would love the rifle though Baldie,it is a cracker as always. Martin
  8. re'M'ington

    sunday outing with possible big cat sighting

  9. re'M'ington

    I fought the lathe

    What a Muppet!

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