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  1. 100 x once fired Lapua. 338 Lapua mag cases £82 inc p&p
  2. 160 x genuine Lapua .338 brass once fired £140 inc p&p
  3. griffshrek

    Grouping issues

    Gents Thank you for the replies I forgot to add, he that which promotes growth and vigour some 5 shot groups that were exactly the same. Fast strings group to a 3/4" 5 shot group, slow shots produce a horizontal string .
  4. Hello all I've reloaded some 143gr Eld-x for a friend of mine and his new rifle . During development he's been getting horizontal strings . All ammo is cleaned once fired brass all trimmed and COAL is 2.810" Rifle is shot off prone with bipod and rear bag 100 m from target Below are to diffrent groups of exactly the same powder weight bullet etc . The difference is the one group is 1.5" below the other The horizontal string is shot with 2 minutes between shots, the standard 3/4" group was shot one after another Below is a picture of horizontal string the other group picture hopefully attached below Every thing on rifle is tight and has been checked . I'm not shooting the rifle my mate is I always thought horizontal strings were driver error or something loose . Can anybody shed any light .
  5. .308 Federal once fired nickel cases £50 per 200 Inc P&P
  6. #####SOLD ##### For sale Genuine Lapua (headstamped Lapua) once fired .338 brass . £105 per 100 Inc P&P---SOLD
  7. ######SOLD ##### For sale Genuine Lapua (headstamped Lapua) once fired .338 brass . £105 per 100 Inc P&P
  8. Matt 122 sold to you pending payment
  9. There are 222 x Lapua cases in .338 . 38 x .338 LM cases stamped G.L.F .338 Lapua Mag
  10. Once fired .338 Lapua Mag brass for sale £82 per 100 Inc P&P
  11. Hello all Been cleaning out the reloading room , I have some genuine once fired ( still got the blue primer seal ) Federal .308 cases £20 per 100 which will include P&P Regards .....Neil

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