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  1. Afternoon All! As promised, thread updated to reflect the fact that more connectors have now arrived Cheers, Pat.
  2. Hiya Mart, Yes, the binos are still available Cheers, Pat.
  3. Matt, A good support can make a HUGE difference, though when it has to be ULTRA stable (whilst still being portable) then I find that a Tri-pier is about as solid as you can sensibly get - beyond that you're actually anchoring things into the ground. When you need to track 15.041 arcseconds per second and any error exceeding 0.3 arcseconds causing issues, you being to appreciate solid support Beam divergence is a real PITA. You can of course trade beam diameter against beam divergence but I'm not sure that helps (need to run the numbers to be sure). Target albedo will have a c
  4. Matt, The right angle version is indeed tidier but it is also a lot more expensive from Lemo. Sure, if you need it to be that way the fair enough (and I doubt that Safran Vectronix were too concerned about the cost of the connector given the intended market). Those crimps look very familiar - I have a set in blue with a positioner for AS pins And a larger set with adjustable positioner for the DT / DTM pins.... it is a PITA when you find that you have the wrong positioner though Cable seems to be doing a decent job - it is now "trivial" to range telegraph poles against the sk
  5. I have a "spare" set of the original 10x42 EL Range if they're any good to you
  6. Matt, The Deutsch DT(M) series are nice insofar as they use good pins, but then a cheaper plastic housing - so if you don't need the ruggedness of the AS type but still want the high quality contacts then they could be a good compromise. Lemo crimp wise, I would suggest that FGB-0B-305-CYCD42 would be a suitable crimp version of the mating connector for the PLRF. The "usual" solder version is the CLAD version, but if I am reading the catalogue right then CYCD would be a crimp version of the same connector. You will likely need a nice crimp tool though. When I'm not shaking like a dog
  7. Matt, The etched reticle means it is possible to accurately position the RF before you press any buttons - having to have the electronic reticle on can be a pain since then most rangefinders will want to take a measurement. The PLRFs I believe will hold off the ranging until you let go of the button, so you can light up the electronic reticle (when darker) and align, but it always struck me as interesting that not more manufacturers etch reticles on rangefinders. I suspect there will be commands that can be sent to the unit to tell it to switch modes etc - just haven't seen any docs
  8. Hiya Matt! Good find on the pinouts - and I suspect that the reason it differs to mine is that I may have started counting at a different place - I called the pin in line with the index / datum pin number 1 and counted clockwise from there, but if we go counterclockwise then what I called pin 5 would be pin 2, etc - in which case it all lines up Of the sets you have I personally would find the Rockwell set more useful based on the engraved reticle - that's one thing that the PLRFs have that is most useful compared to others that have an electronic reticle. I had a reasonable id
  9. Hiya Matt! I was somewhat frustrated that it wasn't possible to buy just a trigger cable on its own, without the serial or USB, which I didn't need. Seemed sensible to just make one And I'm not at all jealous that you have two Vector binos! You are correct in the assumption that the remote trigger pulls the relevant pin to ground. I originally was testing with 1k for safety, but since there appears to be in the region of 82k pullup it seemed quite safe to just ground it. That certainly works for the cables I have made thus far. Interesting that your manual enumerates the pins -
  10. One set of binoculars available : Original version of the EL Range, used for some time so showing some small cosmetic signs of use but optically perfect last I checked. Rangefinder works as expected and returns distances very close to that from Vectronix, in most "sane" use scenarios. Comes with winged eyecups and protector - I may still have the original protector, will check and if there will include that too. I'll get some pictures uploaded later on, but getting the ball rolling. In an ideal world I'de like to see UKP 1750, but since we don't live in an ideal world, I'm open
  11. Morning All! One thing I found curious is the lack of a dedicated remote trigger for these units. There is a version that connects to a computer via RS232. There is another that connects to a computer via USB but doesn't have a trigger. IIRC there is one that connects to a GPS. But nothing that is JUST a remote trigger! To this end I did a little bit of investigation and can report that it is easy (and cheap!) enough to make such a remote trigger Question is - how many PLRF or Vector IV owners would like a remote trigger but never bothered because of the price and/or lac
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