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  1. My first thought when seeing the charges of N140 is that the first is borderline excessive at best and the second could be potentially dangerous if you know of other people shooting these loads then they may well have completely different chambers that allow different bullet build lengths etc that allow such charges just my thoughts and I have shot 168gr with 40gr N140 in my rifle and that was pushing the max for that set up
  2. duey

    Gun powder news ?

    I believe it's 15 kg
  3. duey

    Gun powder news ?

    Vhit powders are not affected by the REACH regulations so don't panic it is predominately the American powders along with a few others that have fallen foul to these EU regs this was covered quite comprehensively not too long back so if you do a quick search you should find the posts
  4. duey

    300 Win Mag loading

    Hobbit to be honest I've never looked into the difference but I believe that there is a bigger bang from the magnum primers, I'm sure that Laurie would be able to give a more definitive answer also I was happy with my load so wasn't going to waste barrel life searching for a little bit extra
  5. duey

    300 Win Mag loading

    Use magnum primers, there is a large column of powder to ignite not saying none Magnum primers won't work but may not give the consistency of ignition required
  6. Ahh the holy grail of shooting, the all round rifle !! There are pro's and cons for all the calibers you have suggested, however I would start by asking what to you mean by longrange target shooting, to some that would be 300yds to others 1000+ yds Secondly are you looking to buy factory ammunition or homeload especially if travelling to Africa 308 is good all round caliber with good availability of factory ammo and homeload components ranging from 125gr to 220gr weight bullets. This caliber unless using a specific build rifle will struggle at 1000yds 7-08 again is a good all round caliber with slightly less options than 308 but balistically the 7's will generally out preform the 30 cal 300win mag is a hard hitting round, with good availability on ammunition, as its 30 cal, liked by PH in Africa. Should be good to 1400yds at a push for long range shooting but as this is a HME caliber does have restrictions on shooting ranges it can be used on you will need to look closely at what you will actually realistically use the rifle for but from the 3 calibers you have indicated the 308 would be the most versatile for your needs it would be easy to find another half dozen calibers that will do the jobs required but all will have limitations somewhere, be it availability and suitability of bullet weights, effective range, costs etc etc does your 5K budget include the scope or is that extra and do you want new or SH rifle makes suggested to look at would be Accuracy, TRG, Blazer, maybe Unique Alpine to names a few but there are a lot of Tactical type rifles coming to the market these days so may be worth trying to get to a game fare or shooting show and get hands on some of them and see which fits, feels best I know i've probably raised more questions than answered but that's what happens when in search of the holy grail
  7. duey

    6mmbr losing primer

    I wouldn't mix brass at any time, especially when load Developing, different brass different parameters of weight and dimensions can give different pressure curves etc
  8. Go with the 20 MOA rail but make sure the alternative scopes you are looking at have sufficient elevation, more than the Zeiss that is, if they don't then stick with the Zeiss last year I was shooting next to a guy using an Athlon scope( not sure of model, mag etc ) shooting 300 winmag and he ran out of elevation at 1000yds and was struggling and gave up completely when we moved to 1200yds and I'm sure he had a 20 MOA rail
  9. I would leave the bed in the crate at all times and not just at night the pup will soon get used to going there for its daytime naps in its own little sanctuary, then going to bed at night will become less of an issue dont use the crate as a place of punishment either if the pup doesn't harass the older dog too much then settling them down together will also help in the past I have also covered the cage with a blanket to make it cave like and that has worked well as others have said perseverance is the key
  10. duey

    Nightforce BR 12-42 X 56

    Chris you have a PM they may help
  11. Full bore moderators won't be cheap, been a while since I brought one but I would expect you to have to spend £200-£300 range Duey
  12. duey

    Nightforce Reticle change prices

    Believe it's optics warehouse
  13. duey

    Lack of obturation

    How old is the brass? Could it help to anneal if you don't already?
  14. Lenteped I am not sure of what clubs shoot at the ranges but off top of my head you have Beckingham at Newark Strensall near York Catterick up near scotch corner All of which are MOD ranges Pickering club have their own range 100, 200, 300 yards, not sure on visitor rules for the club though, they only have two guest days a year Offas Dyke shoot at Warcop but that's a field firing range, a little less formal than a galley range and not marking of fall of shot Other side of the country you have Diggle, private range Altcar, liverpool ish MOD range And another range on the Dumfries and Galloway/ Cumbrian boarders, sorry cannot remember name You will probably need to find clubs that shoot at the ranges and see what the visitor rules are Good luck
  15. duey


    I used to do a 50/50 mix with shooters choice as my barrel cleaning fluid for years Moved on to KG and C2R now

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