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  1. Cheers....!!! I have a 20” but have found a Tac A1 with a 24” tube in 1/8” twist. I think that’ll have to do. 😊 regards, DG
  2. Cheers for that. TBH...if I could get my mits on a 24” T3x varmint in 1/8” twist, I’d go that route and drop it into a Bifrost stock. My .204 T3x SV sits in a Berserk & it’ll shoot the hairs off a gnats ass...😊 Regards, DG
  3. I’m thinking of getting something for a bit of plinking out to 600m. Sort of settled on a .223 for choice of ammo and cheap to feed. Looked at the Tikka Tac A1 and it seemed to fit the bill. Available in 2 barrel lengths with 1/8” twist. There’s a 20” available locally but would the 24” be significantly better? suggestions.... DG
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