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  1. coco

    new shooter

    Yea there a great we tack drive lol I love it
  2. No no it was on a 223 stock I had years ago lol
  3. coco

    new shooter

    Hi fella, yea I've a 10/22 .22 just cleaning up a few farms here and there in my area, ad like to do a bit of long range shooting but thats another day lol
  4. Will 5p do only joking lol can you give me till 21:30 as am at work please, Thanks coco
  5. coco

    new shooter

    Hi all long time looker so I decided to join lol Go easy on me
  6. Hi all this is my 1st post so please go easy lol am selling a parker hale fixed spigot bipod condition is good I have just changed to a atlas type so this is up for grabs Price not sure what to ask so say 100 posted, Any questions fire away thanks

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