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  1. Gunny bedford

    Broken Sunshade on Cadwell Chrono

    thanks will give that a go !
  2. So i have managed to snap an end of one of the sunshades for my Cadwell chrono - before anyone asks ... No i did not shoot it !! I managed to drop the bag and the end snapped off ! annoyingly its where the small metal pole goes to attach to the body of the chrono. I had a look on line for spares, but all i could seem to find is the shades with the lighting kit as well, which is not really what i want, i just want the basic one to replace the broken shade !! anyone know where i can just get basic replacement cadwell shades ? Ive also tried to glue the end on, used two "super glues" to no avail, as soon as you put a bit of pressure on it, as it would be when under tension having the metal pole in it and attached to the chrono the join breaks again, I am assuming perhaps somebody has done similar in the past ? any tips on decent bonding material that could keep the thing together !! cheers Neil
  3. Gunny bedford

    223 load Vihtavuori N135 or n130

    I use 24.5gr N140 using 69gr Sierra tipped match kings out of my Ruger Predator, happy with results sub MOA at 100 meters, also good fox load !
  4. Gunny bedford

    Nosler 165gr Ballistic tip

    Hi should be getting some Nosler 165gr ballistic tip bullets in .308 soon, looking to load with N140, will be shooting out of a Gen 1 Ruger precession, 20" barrel, 1 in 10 twist, anyone loaded similar ? thinking of starting around 39.5gr and working up in .5 to around 43, according to Nosler data 42.5 was the most accurate when tested with N140 thanks Neil
  5. 5/8 -18 UNF and 5/8 - 24 UNEF is there a difference ? looking to buy a moderator for my .308 it used to have a muzzle brake that had a 5/8 - 24 UNEF bushing on it to fit onto the threaded barrel, if i get a mod with 5/8 18 UNF will it fit my thread ? thanks Neil
  6. Gunny bedford

    Left hooker wmr

    CZ make both bolt action and semi auto in .22 WMR, not sure if you can get in left hand mind you
  7. Gunny bedford

    .308 loads for Ruger Precision

    thanks will keep that recipe in mind
  8. Gunny bedford

    .308 loads for Ruger Precision

    Thanks chaps, i dont intend to shoot fox with the .308, my FAC is open for .223, .22WMR and S1shotgun for all quarry, but currently the .308 is only for range work, but i have been offered 2 permissions lately with deer and boar on, so might employ the .308 for that, as i dont really have the room for another rifle ! primarily its my range gun down at Hythe and Lydd ranges. But i am not sure if i can use the .308 for quarry, i live in Kent and somebody stated Kent were not keen on people using .308 for hunting over land ? i will enquire to see if i can get that caliber on my open ticket as well, if not will still hand load for the ranges, and have a hard decision on what rifle to replace with a .243 ! LOL
  9. Gunny bedford

    .308 loads for Ruger Precision

    Hi will be looking to get some Lee .308 dies soon to start home loading this caliber,at present just doing .223. I am using N140 for my .223 and my cunning plan was to use this as well for .308. Has anyone got any recommendations for N140 in a Ruger Precision ? with what bullet ? i am using tipped match kings for my .223 and liking them very much (use both for range and foxing) so was perhaps considering them for the .308 as well ? cheers Neil
  10. Gunny bedford

    Stock upgrade for Ruger American predator .223

    looking at the magpul site, this would appear to solve the problem !! https://magpul.com/firearm-accessories/pmags/pmag105-56ac.html looks like its not quite out yet, but the blurb said it has been made to address the feeding issue with the hunter stock and .223 , best start saving my penny's !!
  11. Gunny bedford

    Stock upgrade for Ruger American predator .223

    https://www.blackrifle.co.uk/Magpul-Hunter-American-Stock-Ruger-American-p/mag931.htm above sells it, but appears out of stock at present, however like i said , i think they will no work with a .223 predator for some reason, which is fairly annoying !
  12. Gunny bedford

    22-250 Sierra 69gr TMKs

    it it helps at all 69gr tipped match kings shoot really well out of my .223 ruger predator. It has 1 in 8 twist, i am loading 24.5 gr N140, get sub MOA 5 round groups at 100 meters, cheers Neil
  13. Hi I am pondering if i should upgrade the stock on my Ruger American predator .223 . I read an article on thames valley guns where he upraded his .308 predator using the Magpul hunter stock, he reported a significant gain in accuracy, I am quite happy with the current accuracy of mine, sub MOA (just) at 100 meters, using home loads 24.5gr N140 with 69 gr Sierra Tipped Match kings, but was wondering if i could squeeze a little more out of it, plus it woudl be nice to have a more adjustable stock. However not sure what stock would be suitable ? it would appear that the Magpul stock is not suitable for a .223 rifle ? also looked at boyds but was not sure what would be suitable. So has anyone upgraded a .223 predator ? if so using what stock. Thanks Neil
  14. Gunny bedford

    Black IR for NV

    Have you looked at the new VSCEL lasers that come in 940? i use on for my spotter, the thinking behind that being i use the spotter the most when hunting, scanning around looking for a target, so i want that to be the most "invisible" i have a 850 laser for the rifle, but only turn that one when i am about to take a shot. have a look at night vision store black sun dark engine covert IR, this is the one i use, they claim you can still get 300 yards with it, which in my experience is about correct http://www.nightvisionstore.co.uk/black-sun-dark-engine-covert-ir-illuminator-c2x28497639

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