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  1. philpot

    Left hooker wmr

    Thank you for that, I have been passing on all the info to my pal and today he is making inroads contacting trade advertisers, rfd's and importers so with luck a game plan will be in place by the end of the day. Phil
  2. philpot

    Left hooker wmr

    Brilliant, cheers. Phil
  3. philpot

    Left hooker wmr

    Brilliant, I will pass that on to my pal, that will keep him busy. Phil
  4. philpot

    Left hooker wmr

    Thanks Gazzar
  5. philpot

    Left hooker wmr

    Thanks Spanner, it may well come to that.
  6. My pal and myself are wanting wmr rifles, for me as a normal person who shoots right handed 😃, not a problem but for my buddy, a lefty, not so easy. Does anyone know if there are any manufacturers still making wmr rifles apart from Savage, which he is going to check up on. If any of you have seen a s/h wmr lefty rifles, please let me know. Phil
  7. philpot

    Sako Quad Quick Release Scope

    I normally buy any weaver / picatiny rails from Ant Supplies, worth a look. https://www.ant-supplies.uk/ Phil
  8. philpot

    Black IR for NV

    When Nitesite first launched the 940nan light source, there were no explanations that the range is reduced compared to an 850nan light source. Certainly you will have a reduced sight range when using 940nan torch but if it still covers what you need, great. Phil
  9. philpot

    Adjustable Comb

    I knew he did shotguns and a very good job as well but didn't know he did rifles. Good to know. Phil
  10. philpot

    Tikka TX1 MTR 22lr

    I have the T1x and like it very much, accuracy goes without saying. I fitted the verticle pistol grip and the beaver tail forend to the gun and I do think it makes it feel better in the hand although I am seriously thinking of a GRS stock to get the best fit for me. To me the bolt action is very smooth and very quick to operate, almost as quick as the Browning T-Bolt. I had an Annie .22lr which was very happy to give me tight clover leaf groups at 50mt but I just did not get on with the stock and couldn't get an after market stock so it went. Now I am wanting something for the foxes but as a retired ole tart, the T3x is a hell of a jump in price so perhaps a Howa will do the job. Phil
  11. As it happens I am in the same boat as I want to add a .223 to my ticket which only has ,22 rimmy and hmr on it at the moment and my ticket is open. I intend contacting my area licensing office which for North Lincs is in hull (Humberside) and asking if the named farm that I have for my past applications. If not, I assume I either apply to see if that land can be accepted or I go to one of the other farms where I think they have been cleared for centre fire. So Monday we will find out.... Phil
  12. philpot

    Eley Cartridges

    I have been shooting Eley Superbs on clays for years with no issues at all but I don't use pigeon / game cartridges from Eley as they are a bit too pricey so I wonder if there is a difference with the primers used. Phil
  13. philpot

    What scope for a Pard 007

    New to the site but I have a bit of info regarding the 007 and is that it seems the better the scope, the worse the performance because of the scope coating. I cannot verify this aspect as I do not own one but have heard from aomeone who did have one. I am waiting for my rfd to get some in then we are going to test them with a few differentt scopes to see if performance is enhanced in some scopes over others. Phil
  14. Am I right in thinking these also fit the Tikka T1x as well. Phil

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