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  1. As per the pictures and bubble level included Looking for £950 to your door!
  2. Ha ha - caught the positive comments and feedback! Genuinely thank you all gents for the positive words. We (well, me) are still getting used to the faff of dealing with the MoD/Landmarc, and coupled with the whole 'rona situation, its been a little hit and miss this year - but next year we should be well prepared! As others have said, its a time consuming task organising bookings, and even more so even once confirmed organising RO's, safety personnel and members - but totally worth it. I think it may also be worth me reaching out to the FCSA so see if we can buddy up for bookings in
  3. Thanks Ralph! And yep, I can organise your new SCC as soon as its needed (normally takes 72 hours from ordering to at your door).
  4. Full info available at https://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/vortex-golden-eagle-hd-15-60x52-scr-1-18-moa-rifle-scope Scope has some minor consmetic marks, mainly to the removable lens caps, which i have tried to show in the enclosed photos. It still functions flawlessly. If it goes for the asking price, i'll even chuck in both the Vortex bubble level and the Burris XTR rings - which still have their original packaging and all inserts for variable cant adjustment. £1,100 ONO
  5. As I didn't have much luck selling it all as a package, am listing my .308 TAC a1 seperately. Same rifle as in the enclosed pics, but without the extras (scope, mounts, bipod, bag, etc). Tikka t3X TAC a1 .308 with 24” barrel and all original accessories including muzzle brake and tools. I've put about 2,000 rounds through it (which isnt much for a .308) and it has been very well looked after and cleaned after every use. If your looking at this, then you probably know everything needed, but do let me know if any questions. £1450 ONO, inc RFD transfer if needed Other ite
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