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  1. JamieDickinson

    How do you become a UKV Supporter

    I had the exact same question, it said if I want to post more than 5 ads for sale I need to become a supporter - how do I do that (search box turfed up this old topic!)
  2. JamieDickinson

    Yukon Photon XT/RT SORTED

    I have an XT! What sort of price range are you looking at?
  3. JamieDickinson

    Under one inch at 600 yards

    Holy Smokes! That is impressive! How long have you been shooting for? I fear I'll never end up that accurate!
  4. JamieDickinson

    Tictac .223 F-Class Build

    Nice plans, when do you aim to have it all finished?

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