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  1. @One on top of two Thanks for the advice, I had a chance at the target show last weekend to look at a few and i really liked the Henry Golden Boy, it felt so well made and solid. So there we go, Despite not thinking i would, i'm going for the Henry in .44. I will be adding a Skinner sight though!
  2. Thanks, I have to say, everywhere i read, the quality of the Henry comes up as a positive. My only concern is the tube loading and if you think its not a deal breaker maybe i'll have a look at one.
  3. Thanks Terry, I'm definitely looking for grin factor. I fire 22.lr every week and i love it, but fancy something with a bit more oompf whilst still being cheap and easy to reload for. I'll be using irons, maybe I'll fit a skinner or ghost ring sight. I think i can rule out the Rossi, i was shooting our clubs 92 this weekend and it was a bit rough to cycle, and weirdly...on a number of occasions spat out the following live round with the previous empty. I have to say, I'm probably leaning towards Marlin but am hoping to get my hands on a Chiappa Alaskan for comparison.
  4. I'm seriously looking for a lever action in either 357 or 44mg (I'm not that concerned which tbh) but what I'm unsure of is which of the big manufacturers - Marlin, Henry, Chiappa or even Rossi deserves my hard earned money? For any of you guys that have fired these rifles, what are your biggest pros and cons? Any advice will be gladly received,
  5. Looks like a lovely piece of kit. Do i need to take it to my gunsmith to get the action into the stock or is it a diy job?
  6. iamJim

    finding my best load

    First, thanks for your reply i appreciate the effort. Its funny, i almost mentioned seating depth in my op, i haven't played with seating depth, i'm setting my COL to 2.9in and i haven't fiddled with that yet. I'm not sure how best to calculate my optimum seating depth or how to calculate distance to lands. I will google the OCW method though...Thanks
  7. I've just started on my handloading journey and have been doing some load development for my Sabatti STR 308...I have been using N-140 and SMK 155gr Palmas. i started by loading in 0.5gr intervals from 40gr up to 43gr and firing 2 3 shot groups with each load. The problem is that i haven't seen a consistent difference in group sizes. First time through the cycle (starting at 40 and working upwards) i found my best group was at 40gr (0.330in group) and got worse from there. Second time around though, i found my group at 43gr was the best (0.345in), although 40gr was still good (0.390). I also found that the velocities were slightly higher second time round. Have i done something wrong here and what should my next actions be? Thanks in advance everyone!

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