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  1. Elmerfudd

    Motorola walkie talkies

    Thank you I will look into the licence stay on the right side cheers
  2. Elmerfudd

    Motorola walkie talkies

    I have been given a set of Motorola CP040 walkie talkies for personal use do you know if these need to be licensed as they are not used for business
  3. Elmerfudd

    52gr eld .223

    I only used N140 as I had some left from when I had some 69’s lol I get 3100fps at that charge with 52gr mate but I have some N133 and a few 53gr Vmax to try now
  4. Elmerfudd

    52gr eld .223

    ELD-m are very accurate on targets happy with them need to get out and test them on the vermin now (and yes I pulled the last shot) was convinced it was going in and sort of relaxed, and yes I have now adjusted my zero 😀
  5. Black Bell and Carlson Howa short action stock (alloy bedding block) £200 posted/tracked delivery
  6. Elmerfudd

    53gr VMax

    All sorted now thank you everyone.
  7. Elmerfudd

    53gr VMax

    I have loaded some up 20thou off my lands to start but just wanted to know what the actual factory OAL is measured at the ogive as a comparison cheers
  8. Elmerfudd

    53gr VMax

    Good day to you all, I have some Hornady 53gr Vmax loaded up ready to test sat 20thou from lands but does anyone on here have any factory 53gr ammunition that could measure me the OAL to the ogive please
  9. Elmerfudd

    52gr eld .223

    Evening everyone I have a load of 52gr eld-m that groups tiny cloverleaf, just wondered if anyone can actually verify if these expand on vermin or not. The old 52 Amax did but not tried these as yet. Anyone using them in .223 please
  10. I have a Black Bell and Carlson medalist stock for sale (alloy bedding block) fits Howa 1500 Short action, replaces the hogue wobbly original £225 posted/tracked delivery

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