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  1. ronniedodds89

    17 hornet or 17 remington

    Or even a 204
  2. ronniedodds89


    Is that a tikka?
  3. ronniedodds89

    Only 1 calibre

    Sounds like Joe just needs to buy a .22lr for the rabbits and a fox/deer rifle as well! Thanks for the comments guys
  4. ronniedodds89

    Only 1 calibre

    I’d imagine Joe would just be using factory loads for the 200 shots a year. 6.5 Grendel sounds different!
  5. ronniedodds89

    Only 1 calibre

    I know we all have our own personal reasons for which cal we would have, but an interesting chat the other night in the pub. If farmer ‘Joe’ down the road was looking to buy 1 rifle(already has a shotgun), what would be the best calibre/gun even. Would probably be shooting anything from a rabbit/crow, up to the odd lame sheep or possibly even a deer? Let’s say 200 shots a year, would have to be tough and durable but not silly money either. Thoughts?
  6. Hi, could I get some pics please?
  7. Aw man, 7 hours away ?
  8. ronniedodds89

    Entry level semi auto

    Details? On here?
  9. Looking to buy my first shotgun, prefer the idea of a semi auto and have £500 max to spend. Any recomendations? Thanks

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