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  1. Evening Folks I am thinking about having my Howa .223 re-barrelled as my groups are starting to wonder and I have noticed some pitting. It is currently a heavy barrel but I’d like a standard weight.. I don’t need anything stupidly fancy or “match quality” just a foxing rifle and occasional steel smacking. I am based in Worcestershire and would like to know if anyone has an idea of a smith and rough cost? Many Thanks in advance.
  2. called hps unfortunately he can’t fit 24 inch in his lathe
  3. Hi Guys Do you have any recommendations/prices to have my barrel cut and re threaded. Looking for someone in the Worcestershire Gloucestershire area. Thanks
  4. Lakeylad

    Advice needed. Chamber issues

    Hi Tony, cheers for the advice. I will see if my gunsmith will polish the chamber like mentioned above and if that doesn’t work maybe consider the extractors. I just put the extractors to the back of my head as the shop that sold it to me said it had already gone back to highland outdoors for this work to be done. I can’t quite work out why the fired cases are jamming so tight in the chamber.
  5. Lakeylad

    Advice needed. Chamber issues

    Tell me about it. I can’t be doing with keeping a rod in my pocket just in case... to have it rebarelled I’d be seriously out of pocket as I haven’t had the use out of it yet.. I’ll get it to a gunsmith and hope it’s cured. ??
  6. Lakeylad

    Advice needed. Chamber issues

    Bradders- my local gun shop did advise this. I was just a bit concerned I would damage or make the problem worse. Is this quite safe for a heavy handed chimp like me to carry out? A rough chamber would make sense as i am now looking into the chamber with a torch and can see a few little pitting/rough spots. Thank you for the images.
  7. Lakeylad

    Advice needed. Chamber issues

    Bruce, I’ve cycled a few empty cases with ease, it’s just once the case has been fired. Sam39- i am eliminating the ejector as the problem due to it extracting empty cases and sometimes a fresh fired case. It has to be a tight chamber? Due to the fresh fired cases jamming tight and I mean real tight! Thank you for your suggestions ??
  8. Lakeylad

    Advice needed. Chamber issues

    Hi Guys, looking for some help.. I purchased a Howa .223 back in the spring to nail the foxes on my shoot. The first box of rounds I put through the gun (Hornady 40g vmax) shot and extracted perfectly. I was curious to find a cheaper yet still accurate round so I tried a box of Winchester 55gr Varmint x and found these were sticking in the chamber after firing? It took a real good bump with the cleaning rod to remove the empty case. Nearly every round did this. So I went back to Hornady. These are now sticking in the chamber. I call the chap I brought it off and he told me he’d sent the gun back to highland outdoor and had a new extractor fitted but guessed it didn’t agree with certain brands... so I gave the chamber a good clean then got myself a box of Sako ammo. 5 rounds on paper fine.. went out lamping after my first shot of the night another stuck case! It is seriously frustrating. I’m at the point of giving up with it but don’t want to sell the problem to someone else. I can load an empty case and extract fine.. yet firing a round causes a stuck case. And like I said it takes a real good thump on a rod to remove. I can’t see any real visible marks on the cases once removed? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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