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  1. Thanks Grouse I had a reply from Cole Quarnberg @ Evolution bipod :- We are actually working on trying to get a good distributor over there(UK) so hopefully within the next couple of weeks we will be rolling! . So I will wait a bit and see if anything happens. It seems to be you have to spend many hours searching this web to find anything and then nobody in the UK stocks it - Caldwell forend stud pic rail adaptor plate is keeping me busy at the moment GRRR! Opticsplanet on fleabay just refunded my order saying I requested cancel - didn't!! Sorry 6.5 Shooter for hijacking your thread a bit
  2. Hey Grouse Did you get yours in the UK? Any info much appreciated - Also a lot of heather up here
  3. Nobody seems to have them for sale in the UK.I am enquiring about one in America so will post again once I have a reply

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