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  1. No problem, just had a look in the box and has a 3 year warranty card. However, I think the RT was released nearly 3 years ago now, so may be harder to find an XT with a warranty! You can PM me with a sensible offer before I stick it up for auction if you want.
  2. Hi, Yes owned from new. Bought online, I would guess around 3 years ago, but not exactly sure. Mainly sat in box for that time however!
  3. Not the best pictures but gives you an idea. Can send higher quality to anyone interested. Would quite like to move this on, so will send off for auction pretty quickly if no takers on here.
  4. Photon XT 6.5s for sale. Have original box, case etc. Only been used a few times on air rifle around the farm so very good condition. Not really getting the use, hence the sale. Also included is a Tracer ledray ir 400m torch, and the mount for securing it to the photon. Again, original box included. Found this compact torch to be good with the photon, pretty comparable to my xsearcher and much smaller and easier to change focus. £275 for everything plus p and p. Can upload photos later. Message me with any questions.
  5. SOLD. Thanks for the interest.
  6. Having a change of calibre so looking to shift a few bullets left over from my .308. Sierra TMK 155 .30 x100, seal broken on box just to have a look - £40 Nosler Custom Competition 155 .30 x148 - part of a bulk purchase - £40 Hornady A-MAX 155 .30 x130 - one sealed box and one split box - £40 All prices do not include P&P Any questions feel free to ask
  7. NathanM

    How many shots makes a group?

    As Catch-22 said, there are so many uncontrolled variables in shooting a group, a statistical analysis comparing two is pretty pointless. At best the data is relatively meaningless, but at worst it is completely misleading. What's wrong with a 4 shot group, happy medium?! Or are even numbers a bad thing haha
  8. NathanM

    Ultrasonic cleaners

    I recently bought a generic 3l one from eBay for around £55 that seems to do the job nicely, heater in it too. That, cheap citric acid and bicarb and cases come out clean and shiny, even the primer pockets.
  9. Looking to sell off a few of my shotguns as I just don't get the use out of them: Baikal Stealth .410 Hushpower - had around 50-100 cartridges through it from new - £290 Hatsan Escort 12 bore 3 shot semi-auto (gen 2 I believe) - wood effect synthetic stock, minor cosmetic damage - £175 Hatsan Escort 20 bore 3 shot semi-auto (gen 2 I believe) - black synthetic stock, minor cosmetic damage - £200 Haven't had a problem with either semi-auto cycling cartridges, have cycled everything I've put through them (mainly 28g loads for 12 bore) If you have any questions, feel free to contact me Nathan

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