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  1. Yes you can claim over payments from Inland Revenue website, Just download the relevant form and fill it in with any paperwork evidence and you will get it back via a check, I done it once but can't remember which form it was - I hate old age🤪
  2. Hi Bradders, Yes it is BAR 22 - I have lots of fun with it!
  3. Is this scope still for sale? I can buy for cash and I'm in the west country as well. I forgot to say I have a sightron 3 32 mag and it's illuminated as well. Brian
  4. I have got a LMT in 6.5 creedmoor, It has a 24" 1in8 twist Lother Walther stainless steel barrel with a Hausken moderator and it is accurate hitting steels out to 1450 yards at Tiffs place, It uses the same bolt and magazines as a 308win, The upside over a 308 or a Acurracy International is it's lighter and is straight pull, I love it and preferred it to the AI AX 308 I had!
  5. Reason I don't reload is because I will end up loading the night before and miss filling half the cases with powder in my haste!!! It happens to others in our club - Too often
  6. Yep did the same as above, My shooting has improved no end
  7. The commandos did trials in Norway with them but the BV202 were better for over snow operations plus they can swim which the centaur could not
  8. You don't need one with Marks BARS!
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