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  1. Will have to give this weekend a miss. My father is still in hospital. 15th Sept is out due to meetings on travel days So looks like 13th Oct John. Hopefully with a new barrel!
  2. N565 is in the latest QL update. For want of a better term it appears to be cooler in combustion with reduced pressure. In very simplistic terms n560 still gives the raw velocity edge when modelled.
  3. so.......how did you get on with the n565 then? Any plus points or negatives?
  4. Hmm OK I'll try Hannams as a lot of folks aren't listing it. Has the data been released for quickload yet - to model it to see if there's any mileage in working up a load?
  5. Just out of interest where did you get the V565 from - I can't seem to find any available in on-line listings? Thanks
  6. +1 for Marc's range - a lot of effort has been put into a great facility. Everyone is friendly and you get a warm welcome after a long drive.
  7. Leadwasp

    FCSA Update

    The nonsense of Nick Hurd's position is that if there is a clear risk to the public etc etc the Govt needs 'action this day' not legislation about a year after they first talked about it. If the risk is real they need to engage with owners of these rifles NOW. This they are not doing so there is no realistic risk, just agenda.
  8. Leadwasp

    220 swift load data

    I use IMR and Viht but https://load-data.nosler.com/load-data/220-swift/ will give you a Varget load for a 40 grainer Oh and I'd do 0.1gr increments for accuracy. Makes a big difference for me. cheers LW
  9. Hi I understand that there is an informal meeting spot on the way in from Brecon? If you see a blue Shogun LWB looking lost give me a honk and a wave! Forecast looks good considering this week's weather. Good viz, 10pmh gusting 20, and DRY!!!! but rather cold. cheers LW
  10. Leadwasp


    Wasn't it the OSS and OUR Welrod - rather like our magnetron, our jet engine, our CRT for computers and so on...oh and our Merlin which 'made' the Mustang what is was. An interesting lesson to learn for the post-Brexit world. We are going to have to be much more protectionist about our intellectual property if we are to thrive. That includes not teaching foreign students how our biotech works for example, or selling ARM to the Japanese.
  11. Hi njc Ben already has a solution to his feed problems (which incidentally don't seem to affect rounds 1& 2, only subsequent ones) http://ukvarminting.com/forums/topic/36758-two-round-holder/ (see post #8) so that second shot isn't a problem. Often I single feed my rifles anyway, but that is sometimes to do with those darn VLD's just not going up the ramp . Herewith we enter the great single shot vs repeater debate of 'time to get a second cartridge to battery'. But then my fantasy is a modified Fraser action in .25-06..........................................oh, and 10 miles of Glen to call my own..... sigh................
  12. Hi njc Having read the thread through I think that to be fair only 1 person (?) has mentioned problems with feeding. However I hope that whatever you choose it will give you everything you wish for. Good Luck LW
  13. alternatively be different and have a Swift No problem for me getting brass or factory Norma cases hardly need trimming Shoot up to 60gr Sierras with a standard twist and it's not a .22-250.............. really though there's not much in it.....apart from the mystery that is................. (all meant in 'the best possible taste')
  14. Cracking day Tiff, thanks for putting the time and effort to make it great fun.
  15. Hi Tiff are there any spaces free for this? I was at your pre-challenge day in July with my other half. thanks in advance Fergus

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