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  1. bluey6600

    CZ 455

    Seconding the Glades armoury handle - have one on my 455 and love it. They were good wit the international shipping as well. Easy to replace as said by the other poster
  2. The stock was light - can't tell you the exact weight as now sent to the buyer. Looking on the manners site it is 3.4lbs for the standard shell but they did a lightweight one that was 2.7lbs as well.
  3. The stock came with my rifle when I got it secondhand - I know that South Yorkshire shooting supplies used to bring them in but don't any more (and think this is where my rifle originally came from). And magazine conversion now sold as well.
  4. Samson AR15 MRFS-CX Rail Rail on rifle Rail right side Rail left side Rail end Drop on conversion for a standard barrel nut used with polymer handguards 10" rail length Very good condition, anodising is practically unmarked Has the cutout for the triangle foresight with rails extending alongside and part it Selling as changed to 12" full length MLOK rail Looking for £65 posted Possible to collect items from Colchester, Essex if preferred. Manners GAT Stock for Remington 700 Short Action (NOW SOLD) Good condition thumbhole stock, comes with pillars as part of it. Gave sub 0.5MOA in my Remington .223 Some wear of the outer colour - on the top of the cheek piece which I have shown in the photos Selling as have now replaced it with MDT chassis (I got from here) Will take a heavy barrel (used on SPS tactical) Looking for £250 posted (about £410 new) Stock on rifle Stock right hand side Stock left hand side Mag well Cheek wear Mag well from top Legacy Sport Magazine Conversion for Remington 700 Short Action (.223/.204) (NOW SOLD) Polymer drop in mag conversion for a short action Remington 700 Does not need inletting on the stock - will convert a standard magazine floorplate stock Comes with one 10 round magazine for .223/.204 Very good condition, about a year old Looking for £65 posted Conversion kit
  5. Interested in the bullets if they haven't gone as just bought a ruger precision rifle in 6.5CM. Will PM
  6. I'll have the NSR 7" rail if it is still available please. Am interested in the RPR in 6.5Cm as just have a slot open for it but funds are tight for the next couple of months!

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