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  1. Hi, I'm interested in your Lee Loadmaster press - if you've not already sold it which model is it so I can go look up info? And which cases fit the discs (if that's how it works)? Many thanks, Gus
  2. Many thanks Saddler, and you other guys - yeah, I love my 45-70 but have found surprisingly few sociable fun comps for it. But lots of fun with shotguns. And loads of folk to have a fun day out with.
  3. Thank you folks - I have a club buddy uses an Adler lever-action shotgun, and I love lever-action rifles, so that immediately appeals to me but I can't see how they aren't regarded in the same way as pumps when it comes to section 1? So a rifled barrel on one of those would fall foul of the regs in the same way? There are some comps for "classic" shotguns - O/U, S/S, single barrel - I should look into this more, extra shooting fun! When we're allowed out to play again!
  4. I thoroughly enjoy the Target Shotgun Slug events I've been able to join in with - after reading a bit and then watching some slug tests on pootube I'm interested to know if we're allowed rifled barrels on section 1 "firearm" shotguns? I'll give my FEO a shout, not sure if those chaps and ladies in my police firearms team are currently furloughed though, so thought I'd see if anyone on here knows for certain, one way or the other?
  5. Your "34mm pic rings med [and high] boxed brand new £80 posted," Interested in the medium height pair, are these Tier One? Do they have the level in the base?
  6. They sell these, and lots of other LaRue mounts on amazon.co.uk - check on there?
  7. I bought something from him a few months ago - all went through fine, great bit of kit at a fair price and turned up exactly when he said it would. Initially it took a little while for him to answer me as he didn't get the notification on his post that I'd made a comment so I messaged him directly and he was all good soon as I did that. Hope this helps, I wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again based on my experience.
  8. Hi, pm sent, I'd like this please
  9. EDP

    Tested some more 22 subs

    Are you using a moddy? I found CCI suppressor to group astonishingly well - and the stuff is SO QUIET thru a moddy - with pretty much the same general poi as their sub hp. This was off a rest and also off hand at 20 and 25 and off a rest at 50. No doubt it's partly due to that ammo suiting my rifle but the groups shrank by about a third compared to the subsonic hollow point. Mind you it costs twice as much, and I suppose a big part of its designed purpose is to cycle moderated semi-autos so it might price itself out of your chosen budget for 22 if you're not using a semi/moddy, but it's my fave for both target shooting and bunnies as I only want to take them with head shots. Still love the subby hollows for minirifle and steel challenge etc!
  10. EDP

    Sad news: Bradders.

    I'm heading towards my bottle of Scotch this very minute and will caress my Bradley Arms rifles as the evening wears on - beyond chuffed that he started putting together my 300blk in his last weeks and I cannot wait to start CSR with it, and my GAU-5 .223, this coming season. RIP Mark, I'll raise a glass and another to you!
  11. I'm so happy to have managed to get these two GAU-5 builds - truly superb rifles.

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