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  1. foxinmad

    Any 22 creedmoor shooters?

    My 22/250 Tikka 595 does well with 75-grain amax, 26" tube 1:8 twist running at just under 3400 fps. Foxes hate it lol
  2. foxinmad

    22-250 Sierra 69gr TMKs

    My tikka 595 has a 26" 1:8 tube and I use 75grn Amax with Swiss RS 60 and running at 3360 fps and hellish accurate πŸ˜‰
  3. foxinmad

    595 .204 Ruger

    Hi Bob, aye the thermion works fine, been used to spotting with the XP for a while now and used it with the drone, so using 2 thermals is fine. There was nothing wrong with the 15X Bob but I found it a bit fussy when focusing when you didn't have much time to take the shot, a few times I lost sight of a fox and had to go back to the spotter to pick it up again. XM 50 better on top of the rifle weight wise also for hoofing about on foot πŸ‘
  4. foxinmad

    AR 10

    Pete, if you want me to have a look at the AR that topscots has up for sale I would take a run to Fife as it's not that far from me if you want? Martin.
  5. foxinmad

    595 .204 Ruger

    Haha been there done that, even stripped an old rucksack to the bare frame so I could carry a motor battery on it so I could stay out longer πŸ‘πŸ¦Š I have moved on a bit now. Spot with an XP 50 and there is an XM 50 Thermion on top of the 22/250 now as I punted my 15 Drone.
  6. foxinmad

    Decapping die

    You will pick one up on eblag for Β£18 posted
  7. foxinmad

    Foxes everywhere today!!!

    That's great news Bob with the drone back up and running againπŸ‘
  8. foxinmad

    Foxes everywhere today!!!

    Hi Bob, that's crap news the drone has packed in on you! What's the next step for you with it can you get it fixed?. My mate had a 15x done and it was only about 9 months old and he got the dreaded blue screen also, he sent it away for warranty work. I have only just set up the new scope Bob and not used it in anger yet so time will tell when I get out and about with it, I will let you know how I get on with the new XM50 Thermion scope 😎🦊 beware LOL ATB Martin.
  9. foxinmad

    Foxes everywhere today!!!

    Sorry, Richiew just saw the post just now, cheers for taking the time to post this up. My drone has been sold on now I've moved on to thermal Regards Martin.
  10. foxinmad

    Wanted stock for Tikka 595

    Form rifle stocks will sort you out for your 595
  11. foxinmad

    Redding Big Boss or the Ultra Mag Press

    Hi, Mr Northampton is selling one on the Stalking directory just nowπŸ‘
  12. foxinmad

    6mm amax

    Not what you want to hear but I just sold 450 over the last couple of weeks!
  13. foxinmad

    Foxes everywhere today!!!

    Cheers Bob, I think I will do the same buy in bulk. I have tried a few different rechargeable batteries in my 15x drone and they don't last long. I put an extended rail on my 595 Tikka, perfect eye relief for the drone. All the bestπŸ‘
  14. foxinmad

    Foxes everywhere today!!!

    Great result BobπŸ‘ tidy set up you have there. What batteries are you using to feed the drone? Regards Martin.
  15. Click on yor name top right hand side and look to the left of page under profile, it is there πŸ‘

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