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  1. VarmLR

    Extreme Spead???

    I found very little difference in noise between my .223 and my old HMR. A moderated 222/223 will be almost as quiet in terms of muzzle blast with an effective moderator. The HMR was an utter waste of time and money with inconsistencies in ammo, squib rounds and with more than a puff of wind, useless as a 150 to 200 yd crow basher. For closer bunny bashing between 80 and 150 yds it is ok and that's where most seem to benefit from using one, providing it's not blowing a gale. I wasted more money on ammo trying to get the thing to shoot straight and finally sold it after 5 years. I have had a lot of calibres over the years but for vermin control, just use two now, the 22LR and the .223. Between them, they cope with all scenarios and ranges that most in the UK need from squirrels, rabbits, crow etc at closer ranges, to fox and long range crow at farther distances (.223). In your shoes, I can't see any need for anything other than a 22 and your .222. If what you're saying is you'd like to try another calibre, then fill your shoes as there's a load of fashionable flat shooting rifles out there including the .204 and .20 PPC, and no need to justify your choice other than good reason for ownership.
  2. VarmLR

    Brexit? A quick poll

    +1 The bias in news reporting has and will remain in favour of "Remain" until such time as the UK rallies and starts standing on its own two feet, when the battle cry will change to "we always knew that we could do it!". News reporting is sensationalist and biased and has been for years. Even the BBC have morphed into some sort of ultra left wing secular organisation with no interest in the truth, just interest in their own warped agendas, and we fund that! News reporting has been so skewed as to be fictional and this despicable divisive reporting that a majority voting "out" are demographically less intelligent, plus some even saying that those with a lower IQ or above 50 years old shouldn't be allowed to vote! Everyone has that right, young or old, thick or erudite, fat or thin, employed or unemployed. It's called "democracy", or are we now just saying that democracy is for the elite classes only? That's pure fascism and is worryingly analogous to some of the more unwelcome social engineering goals of the EU as it currently stands. Don't some people get the fact that part of the protest vote was against this very sort of elitism? If the ruling classes had fought a battle with integrity, part of that surely should have been to present the facts so that those not in the know didn't have to grasp at straws? The Remainers have no-one to blame but themselves. The arrogance is astounding. Had a factual and non-personal battle been fought, I suspect the vote would have swung the other way, but it didn't because of the derision that the left and liberal wings have for anyone over 50 and on the centre-right in politicals. I repeat, that the decision has been made democratically, the country has spoken. The bad feeling only remains because the vote was narrow and the losing side won't accept it. The name calling and mud slinging will not stop until "Remain" accept that the democratic process has been served and learn to live in peace and unity with their neighbours, young or old, left or right wing, and we look to a brighter future. It wont be cheaper, and there will be pain, but the gains will be an extraction from the control and social engineering of the great socialist Utopian dictatorship currently interfering in far too many areas of our lives. The Germans and French are the ones wanting for the experiment to continue as they have most to lose now we've voted out. The Italians are also losers in all this as their economy is failing yet their contribution is about the same as ours. They cannot afford to remain. It's less than a week since Brexit so perhaps we should give it a few months before coming to any ill conceived conclusions about our futures just yet. The markets will recover, they always do. The biggest risk to the UK is in losing its financial passport meaning that we will need significant industrial growth just to survive. If we keep that passport, we'll do just fine.
  3. VarmLR

    Brexit? A quick poll

    I understand and wasn't having a pop. Of course there will be those who will lose out this year on their hols, and whilst a bit harsh, I am afraid it's the bigger picture we all need to reserve our energies for. My wife and I have lost more on our retirement stocks and shares in two evenings than probably 200 families will lose on their holidays on the weak pound for the average two week break (a luxury which we can no longer afford, since prior to the referendum), so forgive me if I'm not overly sympathetic. I see our future security disappearing fast because of these selfish nitwits in government who couldn't run a bleeding bath, never mind a country, and the civil service clearly have no contingency plan as they're like rabbits caught in headlights. Truth is, the politicians running the country and the civil service simply didn't expect the result and their arrogance and lack of touch with the true feelings of the UK are now hitting us all hard. If things carry on like this, there'll be nothing in the kitties of all us "old folk" to hand over to the Millenium babies now baying for our blood. United we all stand, divided we will surely fall.
  4. VarmLR

    Brexit? A quick poll

    The cost of European holidays are the very last thing on my mind and I feel, a total irrelevance at this juncture. The focus has to be on rapid election of a new PM to calm the markets and to at least reassure the British people that there's some modicum of control and planning at the helm. The British people have spoken and it would make a complete mockery of our democracy if there were any U-turns now...I would never vote again if that happened and just accept that we don't live in any sort of democracy. No reflection is needed except by those disappointed with the outcome. Democracy has spoken, and the whole point of voting out was because we want no part of closer unification and rule by the unelected and corrupted EU Commission who are biased towards Monet's Utopian vision of Europe under a socialist dictatorship. It is grossly unfair on the rest of the EU who are wedded to closer integration to string things out for much longer. Negotiations will be ongoing for a few years but the UK is fast becoming a laughing stock, not because of the Brexit vote, but because of the total ineptitude of those we voted into power to just bloody well get on with it and stop the infighting. The fact that those wanting to leave won by an slim million plus majority (being a slender but still very vocal majority) is also totally irrelevant. That's democracy. A referendum was held, the majority voted out, so out it is. Those who don't like the result should either pack their bags and migrate to mainland Europe, or pitch in and work together to help us all build a future. I, for one, am whole heatedly sick and tired of the whinging and the squabbling. Our politicians should start acting like responsible adults and put their differences aside for the sake of us all, and let go of their petty minded self serving rhetoric and nonsense.
  5. VarmLR

    308 Sierra Match King 155gr

    It's the older 2155 model which I use and it does seem to be very tolerant of jump. It is loaded some way off the lands with the bullet loaded out as far as I dare, to magazine length giving a jump of about 80 thou. Out of interest. I tried the exact same load and seating with the Sierra 150gr gameking and it shoots almost identically at 100 yds, and with some very good consistency, regularly achieving 0.3 inch groups. One load for two bullets does keeps things nice and neat! I guess Laurie that the main advantage of the 168gr SMK is that it is better at bucking the wind over 400 yds?
  6. VarmLR

    TMKs - Seating distance off the lands

    I'm loading mine to 100 thou now (2.26 inches COAL) and when not messing groupings up by making schoolboy errors (tightest group competition yesterday!!) am getting the tightest groups I've ever shot. Got lucky and shot 0.18 inches yesterday whilst shooting a few practice groups. I now have to work on technique and discipline! Here we go:
  7. VarmLR

    308 Sierra Match King 155gr

    I'm getting one hole groups using the 155 SMKs and N140 using Lap brass and CCI primers when loaded at 43.1gr using a T3 with 1/11 twist (24 inch barrel). Was using 44gr but getting pressure signs when the weather warmed up and to 400 yds you really don't need the velocities of the higher loads. My advice would be to save your barrel life and load just as high as you need to go, and for 400 yds, you don't need the higher loads. On the chrony, I was averaging 2,650 fps with a 43.1gr load which is more than plenty out to 700 yds. Usual caveats apply as you need to find the safe pressures and most appropriate barrel time for your rifle.
  8. Lee Challenger Breach-lock Anniversary kit. Just buy a set of Pace-Setter dies, digital calipers and case trimmer and you're away. I've had mine a while now and the only things I've chosen to upgrade are the trimmer (use a Wilson/Sinclair LE trimmer now). Have also bought some RCBS and Redding neck sizing dies but you can manage with the pace setter FL dies until you sort neck dies. The Lee kit works well, and is affordable. Would also recommend the Lee Reloading Manual. One of the better ones out there.
  9. I've gone ASE-U SL5 for all of my rifles. Light for SS, no need to strip and effective moderation (up to 30dB I think). Not the cheapest but ideal for varminting. I'd also recommend Jet-Z and DPT mods although you're best advised to order a spare rear baffle with each mod if going that route.
  10. I've gone ASE-U SL5 calibre specific for all of my CF rifles. Light for SS, no need to strip and effective moderation (up to 30dB I think). Not the cheapest but ideal for varminting. I'd also recommend Jet-Z and DPT mods although you're best advised to order a spare SS rear baffle with each mod if going the DPT route.
  11. VarmLR

    Brexit? A quick poll

    It's beginning to look like none of the spoilt brat politicians from any party are willing to do the decent thing by the UK and our EU neighbours, and conduct themselves with dignity and acceptance of not only the vote, but the need to cut any period of uncertainty to as short a time as possible. By necessity, that entails putting differences aside FOR THE GOOD of the UK. They have shown their true colours and self serving ambitions by their behaviour. It makes me ashamed to be British, and with the world looking on in bemusement, all we can do is hang our heads in shame. Not good. It looks like the Conservative leadership battle will be messy and unpleasant and Labour have already imploded and simply announced to the whole world, never mind Britain, that they are not fit to be in opposition, never mind run the country. Sturgeon's behaviour has been appalling. The SNP do not speak for all of Scotland and despite the area wins. She forgets that a good many Scots feel as the majority of English and Welsh do, and that's we need change and won't accept being part of a super-state. What on earth does she think that she can achieve except to muddy the waters? She will damage our trade deal chances as potential investors won't like taking risks with an increasingly disparate union, plus she'll delay the Brexit process at every opportunity. I do wish that she would crawl back into whatever dark and unpleasant hole she came out of, but short of that why doesn't she and all the other spoilt brats who wont accept the vote just f87^K off to live in the EU and leave us to prosper. I'd chip in for her ticket and straight jacket. The Union is stronger together and always has been. Far from bemoan the fact that my wife and I have had a massive chunk wiped off our retirement investments overnight, we are elated with the result and look forward to a positive future. If only we could find a decent politician to help run the country.....all the good ones are dead!
  12. VarmLR

    Brexit? A quick poll

    Despite the doom and gloom mongers, it's business as usual and the pound has rallied back since this morning. It will remain volatile for a while which is to be expected and there will also be a cost to our leaving the EU but what a liberating fantastic day for us! Scotland voted for Remain because it had less to lose than many parts of England by remaining in and indeed arguably benefit more from the EU in certain areas. I don't blame the Scottish for voting for what they genuinely believe was right for them, as that's democracy at work. They can't cut it both ways though. Their real choice is stay a part of the Union and be strong, or go it alone and try and obtain membership of the EU, which currently, they do not qualify for on monetary grounds alone. They also have no currency of their own nor sufficient banking collateral. Truth is the EU cannot afford to take Scotland and most of the sensible Scots people know this only too well, so it is completely baffling why Sturgeon is banging her head against a brick wall and trying to break up the very thing that could save the Scottish and N Irish financial security for the future. They ought to accept the verdict and muck in to rebuild a strong United Kingdom, and it is stronger together. As for N Ireland, well there isn't a hope in hell they'll vote for independence as they have already undertaken to honour the Good Friday Agreement plus the Unionist population would never countenance a future under Sinn Fein. It simply will not happen. They will remain part of the Union. If the Scots want out, I don't think they ought to be prevented from leaving. Let them have their referendum but on the same basis as our exit from the EU, ie out means out. They sort their own currency and own future and receive no more handouts from the rest of the UK taxpayers. I can't honestly see that happening and when the dust settles, most of the Scots will see that too. As for Cameron, good riddance, and goodbye....to him and to Osborne, who between them only seem to come up with a few strap lines for their achievements whilst in power, namely same sex marriages and tightening belts for the austerity we needed following Labour bankrupting the country. Hardly anything to boast about and I for one won't be remembering them or their "achievements" with any sense of pride or fondness.
  13. Beam scales plus a decent powder thrower. I use the basic Lee stuff which has generated some pretty surprisingly consistent results from the powder thrower. I just weigh every 5 loads to make sure it's still on the ball, and it's rarely out by much. Had the RCBS 5-0-2 but disliked the adjustment which was all too easy to knock and change the load without realising (did that a few times) so sold it. Clumsy? Yes, undoubtedly, but you can't do that with the Lee safety scale. Was thinking of saving for an RCBS chargemaster but may just invest in Target Master instead and stock with the beam scales.
  14. VarmLR

    case length trimmer

    Sinclair/LE Wilson. Pleasure to use and very consistent.
  15. Actually, many FAC's will be conditioned to remove the ambiguity, ie my own conditions are explicit that: "The holder of this certificate may possess, purchase or acquire expanding ammunition or the missiles of such ammunition in the calibres authorised by this certificate and may use such ammunition only in connection with the lawful shooting of deer, vermin or in carrying on activities in the connection of estate management, other wildlife" That sort of implies that for deer, I am conditioned to use expanding ammunition. The Deer Act calls for hollow or softpoint ammo, we all know that it is a badly worded piece of legislation. The prosecution may not be under the Deer Act but the W&C Act for causing unecessary harm and suffering to an animal. It can be argued that applies to all types of ammunition but it is incumbent on us to use the best and mosty appropriate tools for the job. That's I how I read it anyway.
  16. VarmLR

    hornady A-max

    The difference I'd have thought is twofold. Firstly, there's a risk of pointless meat damage and loss with fragmenting or frangible rounds, depending on how hard they're driven, and which may also not penetrate as well on larger animals. Secondly, all you need to ensure for smaller vermin is a humane kill and it doesn't really matter if you turn their insides to mush in the process, but then why use Amax at all for this when V-max is the available bullet for that job from the same manufacturer? Forget the minutia detail. There are purpose made bullets for every job, and the argument is why not use something that is purpose designed to do very reliably what it says on the tin? At the end of the day, there's plenty I know who use A-max for deer, but I'll not be joining them any time soon. Besides it not being legal under the Deer Act, it seems non-sensical to me anyway to not use something that's readily available, less wasteful of the meat and hence more respectful to the animal giving its life up. Others will no doubt have their own views.
  17. VarmLR

    Brexit? A quick poll

    I read today that even the IMF are coming out and saying that a vote to leave won't automatically plunge the UK into recession but with favourable handling of the Brexit might only result in a slight reduction in economic growth over the next year or two. Meanwhile the French economy minister has come out with his own straw man argument stating that the UK will be "as significant as Guernsey" on the world trade platform, completely failing to recognise that we aim to negotiate our own trade deals. They really are getting desperate to keep us in! The same guy has said that the EU would "send a very firm message and timetable to the UK" for Brexit to make an example of us and would start damage limitation to try and prevent other countries from exercising their democratic right to leave (presumably meaning Greece and Italy who have recently hinted that they want out too). That will tip a lot of people to vote out I reckon, with such a public display of dictatorship having little to do with democracy at work. The blatancy of this statement from the french against member states being able to exercise democracy is the tip, seemingly, of a very large iceberg bearing down on all member states. Demonstration enough of the control that the EU wants over each and every one of you and control of your finances, plus an example of how one French minister thinks that he can speak for the whole 28 member states. The French and Germans, together with a handful of the elite from Brussels and Luxembourg control the EU and the EC. "Remain that the table if you want a voice" they keep telling us. What many STILL fail to realise is that laws and directives are initialised and enacted by the un elected European Commission, not the European Parliament. MEPs simply have the power to vote on whether to support proposals or to object to them. The EC doesn't even have to listen in the event of a vote for "no" and has in fact pushed through a lot of unwanted and undesirable legislation this way. It is not a democracy in any way shape or form and we have no real "voice". Our MEPs make up about 9% of the total MEP count from 28 member states and alliances are becoming less and less easy to forge in this powder keg of politics and games and corruption. Our only real choice seems, it would appear, is to leave as the EU (EC) is not for turning, and not for reform.
  18. VarmLR

    hornady A-max

    I simply fail to understand why anyone would choose Amax or other semi-frangible bullets for use on deer when there are purpose made, very accurate soft points available that will drop them just as well without the meat damage. Personally, I use Sierra Gamekings which shoot very accurately and do the job without the shrapnel to contaminate the meat. Each to their own though. Fair does if Amax are used for vermin control over longish distances where you may want to use the same load as your target rounds, which is a different argument.
  19. VarmLR

    Brexit? A quick poll

    Out. Having read a lot on the subject of the EU over the years, including the excellent publications by Chris Booker and Dr Richard North, the level of ignorance of many apparently erudite people on the detail and history behind the EU is simply staggering. No-one who reads "The Great Deception" could be left in any doubt whatsoever that we should have had a referendum and left a decade ago. What is being deliberately held off until after the vote by the EU parliament and EU leaders is the subject of member state tax harmonisation, the formalisation of an EU army under the leadership of a central EU HQ and tying Sterling ever closer to the Euro in readiness for full unification. It is utterly undemocratic and the remarkable facts are that the Euro is failing, Greece will take 40 years to sort itself out, Spain, Portugal and Italy have close on 50% unemployment, and Italy & Greece want "out" as well, and are following the UK vote very closely as it wil be the catalyst for the collapse of Monet's failed Utopian experiment. We can all still get along as European neighbours, all still invest in a common market, all contribute towards NATO without the restrictive and undemocratic ship that is not for turning, being the great EU machine. The corruption in the halls of the EU is also simply staggering. I cannot believe that anyone who has read a lot into how it all actually works can draw any conclusion other than leave. Even our financial markets will be better off, with the removal of the burdensome and restrictive compliance rules which cost several BILLION annually to satisfy. There is no longer any sane reason other than the Utopian dream that we can change from within (we can't, we have lost any clout we had and 43 years after joining our position has become weaker with every year since Thatcher was in government). Add to that the systematic asset stripping of British industry on the back of EU grants and protectionism of central European industry and we are simply being taken for a ride because Europe need our contribution...they don't necessarily want us. OUT.
  20. I'd use a chrony and measure the average MV of both loads you want to compare, then using the manufacturer's BC and the measured MVs, you should get some pretty reasonable predictions which you can check out in the field.
  21. Absolutely agree with that. It does seem a little strange that a company that produce such fabulous mid priced bins also produce some of the worst entry level ones! The safaris I looked at (very briefly) would have been put back on the shelf if I'd picked them up in pound land! Mind you, the same could be said for many of the compact range on a low budget (best avoided). The more compact the binocular, the better the glass really has to be. Fair point on budget, but I guess the point is that for relatively little more (and £250 isn't a lot to pay for quality), you get up another rung on the optical quality ladder, so it is worth reconsidering budget rather than buying something you'd probably want to move on in disappointment after a few years. Minox and Steiner have both got some fabulous bins around that budget which completely outclass anything available at £150. There are also some other brands that cost twice as much but are not as good. In between those budgets (ie £150 and £250) the Vanguards sit very pretty at the minute and I can't really think of any other brand that betters them at that level.
  22. VarmLR


    I didn't think where brass was concerned that quenching in water hurt the annealing process, as it would with other metals, where quenching hardens them? I also anneal by turning the brass (in a cordless drill) and use a hot flame applied to the neck only until the colour changes to a dark blue (they don't all seem to darken, in which case I only hold the case in the flame for the same length of time as for the cases where it does) and I immediately remove the case from the heat and quench. Not yet suffered a split case, but am I then doing something wrong here? I appreciate that there's no need to quench. I do it to reduce risk of burns!
  23. I compared the Hawke ED and Frontier models with the Minox BV models. The Minox were better and pretty sure they're not made in the same factory. The Steiners were MUCH better and I know they're not made in the same factory I do own a Hawke Endurance ED spotting scope and have to admit that it is very good indeed, and bettered equivalent priced scopes from Opticron and Nikon which is why I bought it. However, the Bins simply were not as good as the two other brands mentioned, imho anyway.
  24. I checked out a range of binos recently and can say, hand on heart, that the ONLY sub £200 bins I'd touch with a very long barge-pole were made by Vanguard. The rest were not really fit for purpose, especially when the light started dropping. Buy once, buy right is the motto and unlike riflescopes, you don't have to pay a fortune for an excellent pair of bins for spotting duties. Look towards double your budget and the performance currently on offer is way better (due to lens coating improvements etc) than it was a few years back. I'd personally avoid Hawke...none of their bins, up to and including the Frontier models were a patch on equivalent priced alternatives from Minox or Steiner. I'd personally recommend one of the latter two for the £250-ish budget. They're very good indeed. Avoid cheaper Steiner Safaris. Look to the Skyhawke models. Minox BV 8 x 44; Vanguard Endeavour 8 x 42 ( or 10 x 42) or Steiner Skyhawke 3.0 8 x 42 are three of the best lower priced mid range bins currently out their imho. Don't buy mail order unless you've first gone to check a pair out as it's not just the quality/reviews etc, it's how they handle for you that also matters.
  25. VarmLR

    Clause 81 of the Police and Crime Bill

    Aren't BASC involved in providing the HO with guidance too for balance? I read somewhere that it doesn't just involve the police but also some of the shooting organisations and this has to be a positive step. I also view it as a positive step for the HO to insist via statutory instrument that the police now follow the guidelines which should put an end to some of the more ridiculous unilateral conditioning for firearms applications and grants (such as mentoring). As for the police being a statutory consultee, that doesn't necessarily give them any further powers but it would seem to suggest that ACPO may well act together to mandate by committee some of the more unreasonable and unnecessary proposals. It needs balance to work constructively.

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