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    I don't even know what to say...

    I wouldn't wish to comment on someone else's private life decisions. It's up to them although they're undoubtedly in the public eye and should expect to both set an example as "role models" whatever that pertains to these days (and goodness knows most so called role models are anything but!) and expect some flack from time to time as the bad comes with the good. One thing I respect Harry for was his service. I may have lost a lot of respect for him since that time and do not care at all much for his Mrs, but that's as far as it goes. If he wishes to get rid of his guns, that's his affair (and his loss), Whether he did or didn't wish to tread that path is nothing to do with us but even if he really wished to keep them I doubt that he got much of a chance to shoot anyway. Let them be. The gutter press hound them more than enough without idle gossip having a pop. That, I would hope, is beneath us.
  2. VarmLR

    Shooting unknown distances

    Great method. A cross between a military range card and empirical surveying using a map....simple genius! Thanks for sharing.
  3. VarmLR

    CZ 527 Bedding Questions

    You have to be very consistent with 223 brass if you're aim is consistently precise grouping and low ES. It's a small case and I check my new batches by volume from a random sample of 10 and take an average. I then batch them, if needed, so the cases are all within 1gr H20, no more, no less. Your load for the 60Vmax of well over 24gr is a very hot load indeed and may prematurely bow the case heads so worth checking for loose primers with each reload. I was using 31.6gr N133 under a 60g V Max and only got 4 or 5 reloads from PPU before primers started dropping out. With a 26inch barrel that translates to 3150 fps and is accurate. I now use Norma brass which is more consistent and lasts longer.
  4. Great author too 😉 He really knows his onions. Shrivenham Small Arms Collection museum has bought some of the books and I wouldn't be surprised if many similar organisations world wide won't snap up a fair few copies. Anyone interested in a copy will need to be quick as there are limited numbers available.
  5. Received a message fro Steve Houghton to say that the collection will be sold by invite only,. I think that they will be mainly to people that he already knows and may include a select few who have purchased the book. I expect many if not most will have a fairly eye watering price tag! They're a slice of working history and if i could afford one, I'd buy one of offered. Vermin control of course!
  6. Many of them are being sold off later in the year. I've asked to be notified as there's one or two on that list I'd love to own!
  7. Great stuff. I have a few older publications from other authors on UK small arms history but this one has the advantage of being 20 years more up to date for starters!
  8. VarmLR

    6.5cm load question

    H4350 is, or was (when still available for import), one of the best suited powders for Creedmoor and usable for just about all the popular bullet weight ranges. RS62 comes very close on heat of explosion (energy) and seems to be the most popular replacement for H4350 from what most people post and certainly from my own use with it. Load quantities are remarkably similar to H4350 too where just as many people recognise in .308 that Vhit N140 or TR140 (RS50) that 43.5 to 44 grains under a 150gr bullet is a reliable go-to load for many, so in CM, using LRP brass 42 to 42.5gr H4350 or RS62 gives similar results under many 139/140gr bullets (around 2800fps/24" barrel). This might also imply that burn rates as well as HOE are very similar between the two. I'd continue with your 4350 and when done use RS62 with the caveat that some modification of load would be needed to optimise results and to keep safe. N160 has lower bulk density so you can't get as much in the case (920g V's 960g for RS62) and is a lower energy powder better suited to taller powder columns or longer barrels shooting heavies. RL19 has been used but from what I've read so far (I haven't tried this one) results seem to be a little erratic and it seems to do better with hotter loads. Personally of all the current crop of powders I'd be sticking with RS62.
  9. VarmLR

    Where are all the hardcore Varmint hunters gone ?

    Yes, that about sums it up. There isn't currently any globally agreed strategy by police service areas across the UK. Each one seems to have a slightly different take. I called and got an email (Glos) whose stance is different from neighbouring counties (for now). In my case I was advised, paid or NOT, if the farmer relies on me (as he does as the chap is in his 70's) for vermin control then especially during lambing it becomes something of an animal welfare issue so they were happy for me to carry on and control vermin for that reason alone providing that social distancing was maintained and common sense maintained (that phrase again). I am not getting into the crop protection side of things because that may be more difficult to defend politically although we can all see the obvious need...it's the farmer who decides if he can sustain any losses not random forum members or BASC officials. Animal welfare is more of a politically acceptable one so is easier for some to justify I guess. I've taken the step of keeping in regular contact with the farmer to ensure he lets me know when he needs me up based on any fox or corvid trouble. If he doesn't, I don't go, if he does, I'll be there. One thing I'm acutely aware of is during lockdown there are many more people out using POWs, straying off those paths and permissive paths so there is more likelihood of coming across members of the public off the beaten track where normally they wouldn't be. That and the chance that they may call the police of they hear shooting (as happens pretty regularly at a guess). In these unusual times I have decided much against my normal judgement that I'd call in to raise an incident number based on my shooting land covered for those days I get called out. That prevents unnecessary waste of policing resources in the event the public out for exercise hear shots or see someone with a rifle and report it in. Normally I wouldn't as that's the thin end of an unwanted controlling wedge but we're not dealing with normal times. I keep my kit lightweight....no bipod or LR rifle set-ups, but a sporting rifle and lightweight belt mounted telescoping vanguard tracking tripod weighing next to nowt. I don't want to be seen with anything blacticool which gives the ignorant the wrong impression. For cals, I just take one....223.
  10. VarmLR

    Shoulder bumping

    Lockdown has had odd effects on people, that's for sure. We can all get a little frustrated and polarised but it's worth remembering that for the most part, UKV seems more like a family with shared interest and it's really not worth any of us falling out over such trivial matters when BD has it right here...two technical sides to the argument and the truth, as with so many things, may be part way between. There's a lot of invaluable experience and knowledge on here folks and for the most part it's shared with generosity and real zest for the sport. As for BD....ingesting Lexicons must surely mean his local supermarket has run out of bread again?
  11. VarmLR

    Viht N555 - The Ultimate Creedmoor Powder?

    I think the differences between the CM and 'x47 are that while you can probably get similar velocities with say a 139 or 123 Scenar or similar using RS 62, but you're having to run the 'x47 to higher pressures. The 260 and CM just have slightly longer legs due to the case capacity differences, but i get why the '47 is so popular.
  12. VarmLR

    Viht N555 - The Ultimate Creedmoor Powder?

    I think that part of the issue using N160 with the 6.5 x 47 is the bulk density doesn't allow enough into the case to generate the speeds but also the specific energy is somewhat lower than H4350 and RS62. N160 is rated at a relatively low 3,620 joules, H4350 (sadly no longer an option here) is 3,760 Joules and RS62 is 3,750 Joules so much closer to H4350 than the N160. Bulk density of the N160 is 920 so less than RS62 which is 960 hence you won't be able to get as much into the case weight-wise using N160. It might suit a taller powder column and heavier bullet but doesn't seem ideally suited for what you need it to do. Unfortunately until the lockdown is over, that means you have a choice...either make some reloads using the remaining RS62 or wait a while? Cost of specialist delivery wouldn't be worth it for a few Kilos.
  13. VarmLR

    Upgrading to a chassis...

    I think that all barrels, heavy profile included, will whip harmonically, if with some contours and weights, with less amplitude. Load development pretty much works with this to achieve best results when that whip is consistent back on or near axis. Not personally a fan of fluted barrels though as although they may be stiff for their mass, I guess they have more potential to alter POI with heat build up unless machining tolerances are very precise. As with many things in the shooting world I think it's difficult, if not impossible to lay 10 different barrels out of competition match profile proportions and point nto the one that will be more accurate as there is so much more involved, including quality of steel, rifling, consistency of machining and lapping and concentrically of chamber etc etc. I haven't shot enough different barrels to have a favourite but of the custom ones I have, they didn't perform any better really than my factory Tikkas, the best being more a match profile contour than heavy barrel. That may say more about my load development and cleaning regime than the barrels though! Amongst the ultra long range boys State-side, the heavy Bartlein barrels seem to be very popular.
  14. VarmLR

    Upgrading to a chassis...

    The most accurate rifle I have currently is bedded into an alloy chassis so not sure I buy that theory about timber. The Tikka Tac A1 is superbly accurate without needing to weigh in at 60lbs. I also have a T3 with a laminate stock (GRS) and this is also accurate. I prefer the GRS stock ergonomically and it is comfortable to shoot. Design of the stock matters as much as the material. Whether wood or aluminium or firbreglass, the idea as I understand it is to transfer the harmonics as close on-axis as possible and imho to have a barrel fully floated. The bullet has already left within 1.5 to 2mSecs but harmonic damping likely goes on a little longer. Proof of the pudding is looking at competition groups and a few years ago I seem to remember that a Tikka Tac in 260Rem won a 600yds shoot at Bisley with an impressive 2.7 inch group or thereabouts from a factory rifle. In the States, a similar Tac A1 recorded a group of 3.5 inches at 850 yds: https://www.gunsamerica.com/digest/3-5-inch-group-850-yards-tikkas-amazing-t3x-tac-a1-6-5-full-review/ Point is, that whether you use a KRG, Tikka, Ruger or other alloy stock of similar design and mass, they work and work really well.
  15. VarmLR

    Viht N555 - The Ultimate Creedmoor Powder?

    They are crazy. Must admit I stick with 139 Scenars..they just work and aren't to spendy.
  16. VarmLR

    Viht N555 - The Ultimate Creedmoor Powder?

    Yes. No problem at all. I've been using that load for a few years.
  17. VarmLR

    Viht N555 - The Ultimate Creedmoor Powder?

    I'm using 44gr RS62 under a 139 Scenar seated at 15 thou off the lands. Load started to compress at a few grains more but at 44grns was fine. 2700fps@20 degrees C using Lapua SRP brass from a 24 inch Tikka barrel. LRP brass gives around 100fps more using over a grain less, so ties in very well with H4350 and N160. I doubt there's much to chose between N160 and RS62. Does anyone have any pressure sensitivity data on N160 so I can compare with RS62? If N160 is less sensitive I may switch to using that. Post-edit...actually, checking the specs, there is enough of a difference to show RS62 is the better choice (see below).
  18. Personally I'd go for a good used Anchutz model 1450 or 1460. Nicely made, more refined than the CZ's and accurate little rifles plus not that spendy either.
  19. VarmLR

    King of 2 Miles

    Just for fun, I used Strelok Pro to give me a fire solution for a 5mph side wind using my 1000yd load (Scenar 139 @ 2700fps). The fire solution was 28.5MRADs up and 1.6Mrads for wind with a terminal velocity close on 935fps. I can dial for 19 or 20MILS and hold off the rest with my current ring system so it might work at a mile but I'm unsure of whether these scenars are that stable through the transonic range. The same data for my 190grn SMK in 308 gave 36.1Mrads up and 1.8 for windage with a terminal velocity of 875fps. I would need a change of rings or 20moa rail with my current scope for that but know that the 190 is stable through transonic. It would be interesting to compare them but neither would be anything like ideal for that sort of range. I'd be happy just to hit a 1m square target!
  20. VarmLR

    King of 2 Miles

    I'm afraid most of these long range rifles are beyond my more modest budget constraints as at roughly £5 per "bang" and lots of practice needed it's something that would benefit from a team approach with sponsorship otherwise it's a wealthy man's sport! I was quite impressed how some at the Ko2M held roughly half a minute of angle at a mile. That was extraordinary shooting when you consider what even slight differences of wind or even cloud cover can do. I felt very smug whilst shooting at Warminster once with the 6.5 putting most of my 10 shot string into around a 7 or 8 inch group until the cloud cover came rolling in and threw the next few shots all over the place and that was only at 900m! Like Baldie though I was a bit mystified when some of the Ko2M shooters were told "Low, lift 2 MOA" or similar that they simply put the next few bullets exactly into the same place and when interviewed after blamed it on "it's a new rig..trying to get used to it" type of excuse. Spotting that that distance I think might, in that heat, be made more awkward by mirage but they ought to have links to a local camera and a screen at the shooting position with one person monitoring that and one on a scope. It's all too easy to become an arm chair critic though! I get a lot of enjoyment out of shooting at a small Gong at 600 yds or similar at a small fraction of the cost but it would be great to try a days LR at a mile. Perhaps once the lockdown has finished'...
  21. VarmLR

    IOR Scopes, your thoughts?

    The Gen 2 Vortex doesn't compare with earlier models...it's way better and it's also not £400! https://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/vortex-viper-pst-gen-ii-5-25x50-ffp-illuminated-30mm-riflescope-moa Under £1000, it would be my choice. At just over, this is what I would buy: https://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/bushnell-elite-tactical-dmr-ii-3-5-21x50-ffp-g3-mil-riflescope
  22. VarmLR

    IOR Scopes, your thoughts?

    OW give good service to be fair and I know that anyone who's had trouble with any scopes bought from them has been well looked after. My Steiner came from them and as a result of my feedback, and their check of remaining stock to find exactly the same issues, they no longer stock that scope. They do listen. They try not to sell crap, but the odd one no doubt slips through. Yes, Richard is affiliated with them but having owned or tried a number of the scopes he's reviewed, I've only had cause to have issue with a few of his conclusions and for most of us who didn't come up the river in a bubble, we generally know what we're looking for and recognise any BS for what it is. Richard gave a glowing review of the Delta Titanium but never once mentioned how crap the turret adjusters were...to be fair the glass (at least 3/4 across anyway) was deserving of his comments but the turret adjusters were crap. The glass alone made it worth the cash until it got very popular and prices inexplicably rose as demand was there to justify it from a business proposition but by then the Steiner Ranger had overtaken it in optical as well as mechanical quality....even outstripping its more expensive siblings! My PMII came from OW and it's the best I've owned. An ATACAR might be nice but is different rather than "better" in terms of results on target in varying conditions and on reliability or on glass quality. It pays to do your homework and speak to as many ownersas you can as next to a rifle, a decent scope is about the most expensive outlay in the sport you'll make. It's been said many times before but buy once, cry once.
  23. VarmLR

    Viht N555 - The Ultimate Creedmoor Powder?

    +1 I'll be sticking with RS62. There was not a lot wrong with the Hogddon H4350 and RS62 is pretty darned close to that. Not a lot wrong with N150/160 either.
  24. VarmLR

    King of 2 Miles

    It'd be well worth the travel and overnight accommodation to have a day shooting at 1 mile. It would also be a good opportunity to invest in a nice custom ultra long range rifle! I think that the 6.5's and most of the 7's are probably good to 1200 if not 1400m so fall a little short and it'd probably be a waste of ammo even trying at a mile but plenty seem shoot it using 338 Lap mags.
  25. VarmLR

    IOR Scopes, your thoughts?

    One thing to bear in mind about scope reviews, is that most are purely subjective. Very few test or report on tracking repeatability and accuracy, resolution as tested against a standard, the various forms of distortion etc etc. There was one on Precision Rifle Blog a few years back which gave a more balanced objective view so you can see the sort of things that they looked for which are really of more use in comparisons: https://precisionrifleblog.com/2014/09/19/tactical-scopes-field-test-results-summary/ There has also been discussion on this forum a year or two back on the best way to undertake scope field tracking tests which is also worth a read. Also, worth not under-estimating the importance of the scope mounts either. Inexpensive ones may look tempting but don't be tempted.

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