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  1. SpinDrift

    Pulsar digiex n450

    I've been using the Digex N450 for a while now and I really like it. I've also got a PARD NV007 on another rifle, but I much prefer the sensitivity of the Pulsar. On a moonlit evening you don't have to use any IR. It's also a real joy having a 'normal' scope set up with eye relief exactly where you want it. Daytime resolution could be better but it's not a target scope.
  2. SpinDrift

    Tikka T3x Supervarmint or CTR

    Both are fantastic rifles. The CTR mag and bottom metal is much better than the standard poly Tikka offering, but there are quite a few bottom metal and replacement mag options available now. I'd go for the CTR to get the 10 round mag and not have to worry about spending more on a replacement bottom metal and AICS mags.
  3. Just thought I'd share a foxing rifle I've been using recently. It's providing to be a great setup with some well proven kit. A Tikka Super Varmint build using some nice kit from Tikka, Pulsar, PSE and Tier-One. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ViU7-BvO67g&t=94s
  4. Yet again the British shooter gets shafted.
  5. SpinDrift

    Which .308 - please vote

    If you want a new rifle go for the Tikka.
  6. SpinDrift


    I had the pleasure of shooting this rifle at the weekend and it's certainly an impressive bit of kit. Time to get saving I think.
  7. SpinDrift

    Reloading 223

    .223 is a good choice. As far as centerfire cartridges go it's relatively cheap to shoot with plenty of factory and milsurp rounds available. Great for paper punching at most ranges as long as it's not too windy and perfect for fox.
  8. SpinDrift

    Section 5.

    The way things are looking, yes, expanding ammunition (specifically the type used for deer stalking and controlling vermin) will be treated no differently to non expanding ammunition. We just need to wait for it to be official.
  9. SpinDrift

    Section 5.

    There's no mention of moderators being removed from section 1, only the information regarding expending ammunition and an automatic 8 week extension during firearms renewals (as long as the renewal had been submitted at least 8 weeks before date of expiry). It was only passed yesterday, so more details may emerge and it's still subject to change, but unlikely as Baldie correctly points out.
  10. SpinDrift

    UKV offline

    Off most of the day for me. Does seem more responsive on the new server now though.
  11. SpinDrift

    New Tactical Rifle from Tikka

    Could be 2 years before they hit the civilian market.
  12. SpinDrift

    Drying wet tumbled cases

    I stick mine upside down in empty factory cartridge holders and stick them on a rad/in the airing cupboard over night. I usually wash batches of around 100-200 at a time.
  13. SpinDrift

    Tikka rings

    You really won't be disappointed, the quality is world class. Plus, you're supporting British industry.. and Craig, who's a really decent chap!
  14. SpinDrift

    T3X - Thread & Cap

    A bit of an unnecessary shame too considering each caliber has a different colour end cap.
  15. Fantastic scope and well worth the money.

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