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  1. Falconstare

    few days goat hunting.

    poor goat
  2. Falconstare

    The Red Fox.

    baby fox is so cute!
  3. 15 year old seamaster chronometer, bought in geneva airport whilst intoxicated. Got an automatic for the price of a battery one in the drunken confusion!
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  5. Falconstare

    Know Your Quarry. Rabbit.

    Good right article. Who will be hardhearted enough to eat cute rabbit?
  6. Falconstare

    Some out this evening

    where is it?
  7. congratulations, like Gundoc said, try it outside!
  8. Falconstare


    I must say, it's nice taking them with my 22.250. Longest one yet or should say 2 was 375yds,,, just love the challenge. Will be out Friday that's if the forecast is true..
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