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  1. steve123

    Bergerac B14hmr

    I had one of these. It was a good rifle nice adjustable stock did some pretty good groups , would do around .5 inch groups. i changed the trigger for a trigger tac drop in unit which was a lot better than the standard. I sold it because I could not get the velocity the manuals quoted even with the 24 inch barrel, eg with 53g max using RL15 and one other I got around 3530fps with max load whereas the books were quoting 3700fps. With 73g Sierra TMK it was only giving 2950fps and people with .223 were getting almost that. I decided for the extra noise and weight and the long barrel it was not worth it for the minimal speed gain. I have gone for a .204 ruger now in a Howa with a 22" barrel and with RL10X and 39g Blitzkings it is giving me 3650fps and the recoil is practically nil and the noise is a lot less, and factory accutip 40g were giving 3700fps and good accuracy .75"" or better at 100 yards.
  2. steve123


    sounds great. I am hoping to up my velocity to those, but with my 22" barrel I am going to try some RL10X and see if that helps. So far the best safe load I have is 3500fps with 28g RL15 with the 39g Blitzkings. Slightly over the book max, but no pressure signs or hard extraction. I was shooting at rocks at 250y yesterday and the 32 vmax I had made up some test loads with was doing 3760 fps and that was hitting the rocks and making a small puff of dust and a small impact noise, then with the first 39g Blitzking it hit with hugely more noise and destroyed to dust the rock it hit. It sounded massively more impact power.
  3. steve123


    Quite honestly it is very hard to regularly hit such small targets beyond 300 yards because of wind drift and maybe not ranging the distance exactly, also the quarry does move. I have not owned my rifle long enough to know. But it is pretty academic as most people will miss more after 400 yards than hit I would guess. Maybe 500 to 600y in still conditions
  4. steve123


    I have just bought a used Howa 1500 in .204 and I am very pleased with it. I have had .223 and .17 Remington in the past and they are both great. I enjoyed the lack of recoil with the .17 Rem and the flat trajectories , I also shot many foxes with the .17 and they dropped on the spot . The .204 is the same kind of velocity and lack of recoil as the .17 Rem but with bullets that buck the wind and drop better . I have only shot 40g factory rounds so far and went out today and ranged a crow at 358 yards and Strelok said the drop was .7 mil dots , lead down, bipod out ,took the shot and almost immediately its dead and flapping with nerves.. Then spotted two Magpies at a ranged 260 yards and .3 mil dot allowance and shot it off shooting sticks, I have only seen two other times when something has blown apart with such magnitude, once when I shot a magpie with the .17 Rem from 20 yards and once when I chest shot a wood pigeon that had a crop full of acorns with a 58g ballistic tip from a .243. I recently had a 22/250 and I find the .204 sweeter to shoot , so little recoil and very accurate. Unless anyone wanted to shoot small deer I think the .204 is the best vermin round available. The downside is none of my local dealers have factory ammo and I had to order them at 1967 Spud which came today, great service from them thank you. So if you don't reload then maybe a .223 would be a better option.
  5. steve123

    N140 vs N150 in creedmoor

    What charge weight are you using for 123g bullets please in N140.
  6. I have a box of 100 once fired Lapua 22/250 brass, it has been cleaned and de primed and is ready to post. Looking for £60 posted I also have several other reloading items currently on eBay for the 22/250 cartridge , die sets , neck die and more brass and Hornady balance beam scales.
  7. Payment sent. regards Steve
  8. I will have these if available, how do you you payment.
  9. steve123

    Blazer R8 .22-250 reloading ?

    Not a Blaser but I am using Bergagra HMR with a 1 in 9 twist barrel and 53g max. So far they shoot around 3530fps with 35.8g Vat N140. I tried several different worked up loads and also different seating depths from 10 to 120 thous off the lands. You may find that they are a bit long for your twist rate barrel.
  10. hi what's the round count and do you reload also is there any pitting in the barrel
  11. Hi I am interested the 25 g v max how do you want paying
  12. I would be interested in buying them if you decide to just sell them. I am in Bristol area so could meet somewhere. regards
  13. The Tikka mount has torx headed bolts
  14. I pair of 30mm Sako medium stainless Optilock rings and bases £55 posted 1 pair of 30mm Tikka blued Optilock extra low rings and bases. Used these with a 50mm front lense scope , not touching the barrel £55 posted Both in excellent condition

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