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  1. Blue Haze

    NRA RCO Handloading Rule

    It would be interesting to see how the owner of a wildcat cartridge would be able to stay within the letter of the law here!
  2. Blue Haze

    Scope Rail Bedding Material Options

    No, 1 coat and leave to dry. 2nd coat over the top allow to dry - then apply your bedding.
  3. Blue Haze

    Anyone use a drone ? (flying type )

    Just be careful what you publicise - even on totally private land you need a CAA licence and insurance to charge any type of fee for flying a drone/filming etc, no exceptions.
  4. Blue Haze

    Dolphin Pistol Grip Sizes?

    As above - Pete from Black Rifle. It may not be on his site (it may be) but he has a number of bits in the shop that are not online - just call them.
  5. Blue Haze

    Dolphin Modular Stock for F Open????

    What bad things have you heard? Genuine question... Mik is guilty of several sins, but making bad kit, not evolving designs based on feedback or poor customer service are not among them. Buy with confidence.
  6. My now 5 month old pup has a crate (2'x3', like yours) which is inside a 'puppy pen' of 3 ft x 9 ft. He has only ever been shut in the crate for 30 mins at a time if we need to contain him - but he is fine if you do. It stays in there 100% of the time and he see's it as his space/home. It also allows you to put a puppy pad on the floor at the opposite side of the pen for accidents. Mine was 13-14 weeks before being able to manage the night without a toilet mistake consistently. Also make sure that even if your pup starts to have a wee inside by mistake, pick him up immediately and put him outside and say 'toilet' or whatever your chosen command is. Also reward heavily any time he goes outside by chance. Make sure he does not see the pen as a punishment area. I made an effort to sit in it with him and play with a toy or stroke him regularly. It is used as a 'time out' space if over excited, but we will never shout at him then put him in. It needs to be his 'happy place'.
  7. Blue Haze

    22lr target

    S&W M&P 15-22 is exactly what you want surely? (Except the 10/22 action - any reason for that?)
  8. Yes RS60 is good, but RS70 did it with less pressure and better ES/SD for me... Armound 54 grains in a 32" barrel. - 55 gives me 2930. Normal safe loading warning etc...
  9. Blue Haze

    cpc certificate.

    Initial driver CPC is different to the ongoing 35 hours training for legacy or already qualified drivers. The initial CPC is an extra theory test (module 2) at a DVSA theory testing centre, and a practical test on strapping etc. (Module 4) at a DVSA driving test centre.
  10. Blue Haze

    Can you help?

    I believe that most of the website bits are sorted by Stuart from Osprey Rifles. I'd either give Mik or Stuart a call - you can grab their numbers from the Osprey and Dolphin websites respectively. I would advise that you will get much more interest here - including most GFCA members :-)
  11. My 2p would be go with a straight .284" Win. My initial thought on reading your post Subject line was "F-open and low/no recoil - well thats a 6mm Dasher." But then you have said that a .284 was OK for you. My reasoning for the unaltered .284" Win are several fold - but that's to take nothing away from the advice you have had above. The prime motivator for any of the 'improved' versions of the .284" is to get more case capacity and allow you to drive that 180 gr bullet faster - towards magnum velocities (3000 fps or so). 'Normal' .284 velocities are in the order of 2850 fps if you use the traditional Hogden powders. However there are a few powders you can use - both RS60, but even better RS70 - to get to at least 3000 fps quite safely without pressure signs or using a compressed load. I personally use a straight .284" in the GBFCA, and would normally run velocities in the order of 2950 fps, but I can stoke it up if I need to. Personally I dont feel that need - 2950 was plenty to take a stage at 1000 yards. Any points I dropped were my missing a wind drop off, and in that case your done for regardless of another 50 fps. People will knock the RS powders and say they wear out barrels quickly etc, but if you are tring to be 'no compromise' then 2000 rounds is about all I think is reasonable to expect of national level accuracy in any case. If you find that your shoulder is suffering then you can back it off to 2800 fps with ease, Other benefits are: cheap dies (relatively) as they are off the shelf No fireforming good norma straight .284 brass from stock If low recoil is your aim in F-Open, make sure you use all of the weight allowance. My rig is still 3 lb off the limit and I have used pretty much the heaviest everything! If you then added lead/steel slugs into the but it would be very tolerable indeed. You could also get the barrel threaded and invisible capped - then run a sideport brake during practice to reduce recoil further (just let me know what county and when your shooting so I can make sure I'm elsewhere!).
  12. Blue Haze

    Dolphin gun company

    From when I handed over my deposit the barreled action was back from proof inside 3 weeks. The stock took a while but I had that made up from scratch in my choice of colour etc... - had it been off the shelf I think I would have had it all done within a month.
  13. Blue Haze

    Finding my lands and CAOL

    Being over the book length means your ammo does not conform to SAMMI spec anymore. That does not matter - provided you work your load up in a safe way as normal. Its one of the reasons that handloads must only be used in the rifle they were developed for.
  14. Blue Haze

    Night force compition

    I have one, brand new but it is the latest model with Zero-stop and 10 MOA turrets... PM me if your interested as it was for a build that never happened.
  15. Blue Haze

    F class shooting

    In any case - you have nothing to loose with a 32" barrel in F Class. You can then use a straight .284 to get to 2900 fps without braking a sweat, or back it off to whatever you feel is suitable and give your brass and barrel an easy life (which is surely the point of a .284 and not using a WSM). For reference I send 180 grain Berger H @ 2880 fps with a 32" barrel, and can get north of 3050 fps without pressure signs.

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