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  1. 5/8x24 and I would of snapped this right up. Good luck with the sale tho.
  2. I’ll take the mtm cases please pm on its way
  3. I need one for a 6.5creedmoor so it would need too be the .30 version 😢
  4. Is the ase utra the .25 or .30 version?
  5. Kenblock

    Mod for my creedmoor

    I’m looking for someone selling one lads but thank you for the replies anyway
  6. Kenblock

    Mod for my creedmoor

    Mod that will fit a 6.5mm creedmoor with a 5/8-24 unef thread
  7. I’ll take the 10 round aics mag mate pm me payment details please
  8. Monopod arrived today? Looks great, much appreciated

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