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  1. BamBam

    Colt AR mags

    These mags are for the Umarex series of rifle, the Colt M4, HK416, HKG36 and the recent Hammerli rifle they won't fit or feed any milspec AR.
  2. BamBam

    M&P15 .22 jamming

    The most common problem with a 15-22 jamming is the extractor. Swapping it with a Volquartsen extractor cures it, usually.
  3. BamBam

    Andrex or A max

    Not to be confused with nettles.
  4. BamBam

    .22 lr Ar

    LA-SF15 Compact from Lantac, Match chambered 12.5" barrel. The standard version has a 16" barrel. https://www.lannertactical.com/product-page/lantac-la-sf15-22lr-semi-auto-rifle
  5. BamBam

    Kriss vector

    A terrible business model, for the customer.
  6. BamBam

    Kriss vector

    Still £975, expensive for a $500 rifle.
  7. BamBam

    Scope or reddot for mini rifle

    Rifle is a Lantac LA-SF15, with some modification by me. That red dot is for sale on here somewhere...
  8. BamBam

    Kriss vector

    Krytac make most of the parts for the Defiance. It's essentially a .22 version of the Krytac Trident airsoft rifle. The handguard is made in China, because M-Lok is a free license from Magpul, but they won't grant a license unless the parts are made in the USA.
  9. BamBam

    Kriss vector

    Fondled it at SHOT show in January, could be a quite a fun gun but 2 things bug me about it, the small mag and the plain ugliness of a long barrel Vector. Kriss say 30 round mags are on the way, but they have previous for not delivering higher capacity mags for their Defiance models, currently only offered with a 15 round mag. Barrels can be shortened, but that adds to the expense and this should really be a cheap fun plinker. On the positive side it feels quite well made and is actually made by Kriss, unlike the Defiance.
  10. BamBam

    Scope or reddot for mini rifle

    Some of the so-called 1x- Low Powered Variable Optics aren't true 1x often they're slightly higher 1.2-3 etc. Try before you buy in this market. I've had the Vortex Strike Eagles in 1-6 and and 1-8, wasn't a fan of the 1-6 reticle so traded up to the 1-8, but found the glass not that clear, better reticle though. The old Vortex PST 1-4 was in a QD mount so fitted it to my newest .22 for a test and took it the the range later that week. They don't make this scope anymore, but it was a excellent buy for the clarity of glass in this price range at the time. A further plus it was shorter and relatively light weight compared to recent models. The QD mount has been ditched and I'm sticking to this setup for the year. Swap the Atec Wave mod with a A1 style birdcage for mini rifle stuff. Last summer when shooting short range matches out to 50 yards, used a Vortex SPARC AR RDS (red dot sight). Hopefully this post is clearer than my previous in this thread.
  11. BamBam

    Scope or reddot for mini rifle

    Depends, I like a red dot out to about 50yards and a LVPO past that. I use a Vortex PST 1-4 with a switchview speedlever in a Warne Skel.
  12. BamBam

    Mount height for AR15

    For quality AR cantilever mount that won't break the bank I'd go with the Warne Skel. https://www.sportsmanguncentre.co.uk/warne-30mm-msr-gen-2-extended-skeletonized-mount-black-xskel30tw
  13. BamBam

    New component parts to be numbered ?

    The days of NVN are over it would seem. Expect all moderators to be marked with a serial number, including the imports from EU countries which haven't ratified the directive and will not comply. UK importers will need a laser marker or something to be complaint with UK law.
  14. BamBam

    Aero M4E1 .22 build

    How much was it?

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