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  1. Yep they certainly are hard to find at the moment everywhere that lists them is out of stock although I'm sure there are a few boxes sitting on dusty shelves somewhere!
  2. I've only had the chance to shoot them at 150m so far and all seems good. I tried some factory ppu match 69 grainHP ammo and that was throwing bullets all over the place with not very good groups at all which surprised me. The same was in a friend's CZ527 too so I put it down to the ammo and not my rifle.
  3. I settled on the Sierra 69 grain TMK over RS40 with an OAL of 59mm (which is 1mm off the lands in my rifle) and last testing was giving 22mm group at 150m. It's frustrating now that nowhere has any of those bullets in stock though🤦🏻‍♂️
  4. If it's just the bottom of the mag that needs a little fettling then it's worth it to have the ability to swap between rifles in the same chassis should I need to in the future
  5. That's interesting to know. I assume your MDT chassis uses AI pattern mags too? I would have thought it would have been cheaper for Oryx to offer a redesigned base for the T1X mag rather than a different chassis inlet just for the T1X?
  6. Ah that's a shame as it would have saved a bit of money and made sense to choose the Oryx.
  7. Is anyone able to confirm if a Tikka T1X rifle will fit into an Oryx Chasis for a T3/T3X? The people at Oryx say no, however, from looking online it seems this is because the magazine release catch fouls the T1X magazine well but if it is removed then it may fit or is there more to it and the actual chassis is in the way? I can see why the people at Oryx would say no even if it was as simple as removing the catch because it encourages people to buy another chassis. As I have a T3X too it would be handy to have the option in the future to swap them over if needed rather
  8. As the title suggests can anyone recommend a good target bullet with decent BC (suitable for 500m) to reload for my heavy barrel Howa 1500 223 with a 1:9 twist.
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