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  1. samuel

    Get your Crow License here....

  2. samuel

    Get your Crow License here....

    Defra said they have not the telegraph has it wrong
  3. Can individuals book time on the range, if so would you need target shooting on your certificate or would zeroing be acceptable ? Thanks
  4. Hi can you just book a day or do you have to be a member ? Thanks sam
  5. samuel

    New 6mm rifle build

    6mm = .243 inch ie bigger than .240
  6. Hi I'll take the 105's if still available please. Thanks
  7. samuel

    Car Kettles that Work?

    What about getting a 12v to 230v inverter and a low wattage 230v kettle ?
  8. samuel

    rifle ranges/clubs cumbria ?

    Thanks for all the suggestions.
  9. Hi I would like to get into target shooting can anyone recommend any rifle clubs In the Cumbria area ? Thanks.
  10. I don't want to risk it, I will have to join a club and hopefully attend next time. Thanks.
  11. Hi Do you need to have target shooting on your fac to enter ? Thanks
  12. SOLD . . . . HS PRECISION STOCK FOR REMINGTON 700, SHORT ACTION, SPORTER BARREL CHANNEL Paint chipped round the front sling stud and scratched underneath between front stud and Trigger guard inlet. £200 posted Advertised elsewhere
  13. I have just found the receipt I bought it from swillington shooting supplies in 2008 and it cost £ 489

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