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  1. Rob1562

    How to bone a deer...

  2. Rob1562

    Canine companions

    I think it's a trait of the HPR breeds, they have the most expressive eyes !
  3. Rob1562

    Canine companions

    Slovakian Roughhaired Pointer........supposedly best of all contributing breeds.....Weimmie/GRP/Sesky. Allegedly calm and biddable........Archie not so much, think his mother must have laid on him as pup and starved him of oxygen ! Didn't start to calm down until he was 3 yrs and even then he wasn't that calm. He is not, and will never be, a peg dog or sit under high seat, he is however fantastically driven and will hunt and track all day long....he loves it ! Regards, Rob.
  4. Rob1562

    Canine companions

    Here's Archie......10 years old and as mad as a box of frogs ! Regards, Rob.
  5. The only difference between the xm30/xm30s is the quality of the screen/picture clarity in the "s". Same field of view. Horses for courses......I use my xm30s for stalking and foxing.....love it ! Regards, Rob.
  6. Rob1562

    Optics and mount for .338 Lapua Magnum

    Hi Michal, I have the Delta; although I don't shoot long range or heavy calibre I love it. The reticle is really fine with a single tiny illuminated centre dot, great as a hunting scope. I traded a PM2 to get the Delta and I think the glass to my tired old eyes is almost as good.....maybe at max mag, not quite the same.....however the reticle swayed it for me. Turrets are nice and crisp and track accurately. I got mine from Optics Warehouse.....i'm pretty sure you could get one and see how it suits and return for a full refund if you don't like it (just cost you the postage). Regards, Rob.
  7. RossG23.....you may not have read the for sale rules but you need to fill your profile in and must state a price.👍 If you don't you may have your ad removed. Regards, Rob.
  8. Got to agree......having seen the mass demonstrations in the US about being told to stay home and how it breaches their civil liberties, I've got to say they're a different animal altogether.......gotta love 'em but very different ! Regards, Rob.
  9. Rob1562

    Where are all the hardcore Varmint hunters gone ?

    I agree with a lot of what you're saying, but "work" is a key issue. If we're not getting paid for our toil/work then it's recreational....and as we're aware all recreational sport is currently not allowed.....including shooting. The whole point of "policing by consent" is that there is a veiled threat of what may happen if we do not comply......the fact that a FA license holder gets issued with a FPN, especially under the current restrictions will not assist at renewal time....it may not effect the process at all but it will not make it easier....that is fact. The Govt is currently adopting a 'softly softly' approach to policing this pandemic but if the public continues to flout the restrictions then we will find ourselves being policed very differently for a month or two. I also hunt alone almost exclusively.....but I'm not fortunate enough to live/work full time on a farm....if I did then maybe i would class myself as a "key worker', but as a recreational shooter/hunter/pest controller.....definitely not. Again.....just my twopenneth. Regards, Rob.
  10. Rob1562

    Where are all the hardcore Varmint hunters gone ?

    Certainly South Yorks, and Humberside are OK with you carrying out "vital and essential" crop protection if it is your paid employment, you can observe social distancing and there is absolutely no other alternative available to the landowner. You must also have a written request from the landowner (not just permission notice) and a log number having reported the fact that you are shooting to the control room. The above is from FA licensing, however when the control room is contacted their advice is "follow Govt guidelines"............its been said many times before the safest and fairest thing (for everyone) is just stay at home, don't risk it because if you get issued with a Corvid fixed penalty ticket this may or may not cause issues come renewal time......it certainly will not make renewals easier. There is also some suggestion that as all major shooting organisations are saying stay at home, then your shooting insurance may not be valid were you unfortunate enough to need it.
  11. Hi Blueroll........if they are £10 posted for the both , then Ill have them please. Regards, Rob.
  12. Rob1562

    NSX 5.5x22x50 np2dd

    My mate has just sold his 5.5-22x56 this last week. As above all in excellent condition with a set of Tier One mounts for £1000.......so agin somewhere in the £800 region would be about right 👍 Regards, Rob.
  13. Rob1562

    Semi Custom 22lr

    Hi Colin......definitely give Steve a call. He's your man 👍 Regards, Rob.
  14. If Baldie isn't doing his any more then contact Steve Kershaw....last time i spoke to him he had a drawer full of the springs and spacers needed for the conversion. Regards, Rob.

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