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  1. We can at least agree on wanting it to take off then Terry and that I suspect is the most important thing of all!!
  2. Terry, as usual I agree with some of your points. 1 bag and no tripods for me is the way to go too but that a personal view. IMO it Reduces the kit wars and expenses for new shooters and levels the playing field. However, I disagree with your comment about ‘self appointed emperors’. Tiff and co have got off their bums and done something and it could be awesome. Others could have done so but didn’t. They have done this off their own backs in an attempt to promote the sport and raise the game. I don’t think anyone (in this country) will ever get rich by taking on such a thing. conversely it i
  3. As with all Franks podcasts it does wander off topic at times but it’s worth a listen
  4. For those who are interested in the Precision Rifle World Championship / IPRF, the following discussion between Scott Satterlee and Frank Galli on the Everyday Sniper Podcast might be of interest: https://www.podbean.com/eu/pb-c6c9r-f99497
  5. The author(s) of the piss take FB page do seem to have a lot of time on their hands...
  6. Hey Terry, It’s not directed at you or anyone particularly - just a general comment on the state of play. I have no affiliations with any group or shooters or organisations. I like to shoot with the club (let’s hope covid sods off soon,eh! ), at Bisley or with the PRL. I’d also happily go north again for the Diggle PR shoot or attend the SIS shoots too. I’ve not yet attended a SIS yet but I’d certainly like to have a crack. I (personally) just feel some folks are putting there hands up and trying to forge ahead and provide opportunities for shooters. People can support or attend
  7. This is petty and embarrassing for us UK shooters. Airing that kind of non-sense on public forums and facebook pages is pretty childish. It undermine the credibility of the sport. If a shooter or shooters don’t like something or someone, vote with your feet. Unattended events will die without all this backstabbing and sh@t-talking.
  8. I agree. Most people want to get out and shoot and meet some like minded people.
  9. I like the idea in principle. Be nice to have a another option even if only for the best “athletes”.
  10. Bump, further pictures available upon request
  11. Hi All, For sale is my Schmidt and bender PM2 5-25, FFP scope. Scope has 1/4 MOA turrets and the P3 (Mildot) reticle in the first focal plane. The scope is in great nick and has only a couple of minor rub marks on the usual spots (turrets) but the lenses are perfect. The Scope reticle is illuminated. The scope will come with butler creek covers and box Scope only: £Sold Scope plus Tier One mounts: Shoot me a Pm if interested.
  12. Anarchy outdoors based in the US but they will ship to UK.
  13. Reduced to £1250. RFDs at buyers expense. One and only price reduction.
  14. Hi All, I’ve come to the conclusion I need to move on last years PRL rifle. It’s a Remington 700 action trued with an aftermarket recoil lug and large bolt handle. Per title it is a long action, as it was originally a 284. The rifle comes in a Whiskey 3 chassis with camo paint scheme in Krylon. The W3 is a folder with a metal fore end. Lockup is super tight and the chassis will come with the spigot. The trigger is an excellent aftermarket Timney. It has an aftermarket steel 20MOA Pic rail on Top. Barrel is full length bartlein 1-8 twist finished at 27 inches. Threaded 18x 1.
  15. Does anyone use or have first hand experience of the Schmidt and Bender GR2ID reticle. I’m thinking of upgrading but would love to hear first hand experiences. thoughts?
  16. Bump and price reduction on the Extra High Tier One picatinny rings, £60 Posted. As new condition, would suit a rifle with enclosed / tubular chassis.
  17. Bump and price reduction on the Extra high mounts, now £65 Posted .
  18. Amax and medium tier ones sold pending. Ext high still available currently.
  19. Evening All, Mini clear out: - 34mm tier one picatinny rings with bubble level, box and bits. Extra High. Good condition. £70 posted - 34mm tier one picatinny rings with bubble level, box and bits. Medium height. Good condition. £70 posted. - 30 cal. 200 x 155g Amax unopened boxes of the same batch #. I also have 40 x which were loaded but have been pulled with a collet die. I will throw these in. £70 posted. please PM if interested. cheers Brushy
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