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  1. digger9523

    Any knife makers in here?

    Dopple poster!
  2. digger9523

    Any knife makers in here?

    Got this one going spare if it suits you? It's in 154CM stainless steel and has Rose wood scales with stainless bolts. Needs a sheath, but i always wait out with those till i know if it's going to a left or right handed user. £300 all in, and if you ever destroy the edge you're welcome to send it back for a tidy up.
  3. digger9523

    Any knife makers in here?

  4. digger9523

    Some out this evening

    No mate, Was only tooled up with my camera, or should i say my phone, that night.
  5. digger9523

    Any knife makers in here?

    Nice choice, I don't remember which knife it was, but these were what Andy had on display that day:
  6. digger9523

    Any knife makers in here?

    I had Guy Stainthorp out stalking last year at the end of the Roe buck season. Was doing him a walk through-talk through gralloch and he got some hands on. The upshot of his experience was that he went away and designed this for me: Done a Red spiker, couple of Muntjac and a Roe doe with it so far. Loverly knife, grippy when wet, easily cleaned and sterilised. Came with a Kydex sheath as well. It's in RWL34 and black canvas micarta. This prototype was a gift, but i asked what price it would be if any stalking guests asked me, £270 for one as per mine. He's a nice bloke Guy, good shot and keen to get into stalking a bit more regular now.
  7. digger9523

    what`s the best all-round bushcraft knife

    In response to the main question though, possibly the best knife I've ever had the pleasure of using was this: It's a Stuart Mitchell 'Secare'. He sent it down for me to trial. I flogged the sh@t out of it battoning a load of kindling, then used it to skin and butcher 2 Fallow prickets for the bushcraft magazine Mayday gathering. Didn't sharpen it once while i had it, and although it wouldn't quite shave hairs when i sent it back, it was still sharp.
  8. digger9523

    what`s the best all-round bushcraft knife

    I've owned and used an Alan Wood/Ray Mears 'Woodlore' knife for the last 14 years. It's a bit like Triggers broom now! It's had 2 new handles and a new sheath. They start off with Birdseye Maple i believe, my first re-scale was with Buffalo horn, and i filed in a vine pattern to the spine.. Was nice, but then i got this piece of Arizona Desert Ironwood, and i Had to do it again! Mate of mine saw it and wanted me to make hime one like it. As Browndog picked up earlier, i recommended a good quality stainless steel. So, i fumbled this thing together with some 154CM stainless, some more of that Ironwood, and some Bog Oak liners. 154CM was developed for use in jet engines in the early '70's
  9. digger9523

    Some out this evening

    Quite a few mate. Also plenty of bloody horsey people, so getting ground is a task in itself!
  10. digger9523

    Some nice paintings

    That goat is first class!
  11. Thanks for your replies chaps, If i end up with one I'll do an informal review. I'd noted the 6.5 was the most popular stateside, am hoping that'll mean good availability with the .260 here.
  12. digger9523

    2014 Accuracy International Rifles

    My best man has one of these AT's coming next week some time. Not sure I'd trade my AW for one personally, p'raps I'm just a purist? Don't have a need for all that picatinny stuff around the stock, though to be able to swap 7.62 for a .260 barrel in a minute or 3 would suit my FAC down to the ground at the moment.
  13. digger9523

    Can you see her?

    Hahahahaha! In the right place, but she ain't no ant eater! A little Muntjac doe.
  14. digger9523

    Can you see her?

    Close, but no cigar mate.

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