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  1. Wanted Ray Vin Spotting Scope Stand including spot scope adjustment Handle, Thanks.
  2. Thank you Pat for your informative reply.
  3. Interested in the .308 forrester benchrest seater die has die a vld seater stem could you pm few pics of die thanks.
  4. Have an option to buy a used s&b 12x50x56 for F Class with the Fine P4 moa Ret with 1/8 clicks however scope is in 1st focal plane i understand the preference for 2nd fp scopes for f class however with the fine P4 ret i doubt it will obscure the target for long range 800-1200y shooting even with 1st focal plane is there any other f class shooters shooting this scope with fine p4 in 1st focal plane ifso could you share your opinions with this scope and ret in 1st focal verses 2nd focal plane could you give any cons pros shooting f class with this scope in 1st focal plane Thanks.
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