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    Shooting & ferreting I shoot .284 Winchester .223 .260 Remington & 17 fireball

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  1. As above good used condition no visible marks on it £45 posted
  2. Matt234

    17 Remington Fireball

    I replaced my HMR with a second hand sako 17 fireball that I picked up from a chap on the forum best deal I ever made I must be in the region of about 800 plus down the barrel by myself now and still shoots one hole groups!
  3. The last time I used it I had a moderator fitted I forgot to make a note of this the zero is different for the muzzle brake! Cheers Matt
  4. Thanks everyone it's all sorted now operator error i forgot to adjust the scope settings to allow for the muzzle brake! Cheers Matt
  5. Forgot to mention my scope is using MRAD
  6. Hi all I've got my .284 win run in and and zeroed at 100 I've input it all the required data into the app it's chronographe at the muzzle at 2591fps I'm using 154gr SST now the problem at 415 meters the app is showing 28.4 clicks required on the elevation but the actual elevation required is only 17 clicks as I found out yesterday I'm no target shooting expert but I managed a 2'' group I use the app with my 17 fireball .223 with no problems does anyone have any ideas? Cheers Matt
  7. Ok Plymouth way I don't do Facebook lost the link looking to book a day for two maybe three could someone forward me a link! Cheers Matt
  8. Thanks 👍 I'll have a look Cheers Matt
  9. My mistake didn't read last post!
  10. Hi Are you willing split could be interested in a couple of things!
  11. Hi all Can anyone help! I'm looking to change the feet on my Harris bipod to spikes does anyone know where I can buy some plenty on eBay but they are for atlas pipod's not Harris. Cheers Matt
  12. Hi I'm interested in one cleaning rod and the 7mm parts if you're willing to split or even just a rod. Cheers Matt

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