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  1. .284 Winchester F-Open rifle for sale Barnard Model P action, right bolt, right port, non eject Bartlein 1 in 9 twist heavy taper barrel 31” .312 neck Barnard target trigger Joe West F-Class stock 17 MOA rail 3 way adjustable butt plate Built to shoot Berger 180gr hybrids Built by Mick at Dolphin rifles in January 2016, has fired 537 rounds from new. (log of fired rounds included with rifle). I Haven’t had it out since April last year and it just isn’t getting used so time to let it go, I intended to get into shooting F open but never did and it is too much rifle for the shooting I do now. Comes with all the original paper work, load data, build sheet, invoices. Also will come with an extra long J.Duey cleaning rod. Will travel to meet face to face, Can probably sort out RFD transfer if needed. Looking for £ 1850 ovno Rifle only, scope, rest, etc not included Any questions p.m. me
  2. SEB coaxial front rest for sale Comes with almost new 3" bag, new 2" bag and a spare used 3" bag, set of long and short legs and counter balance weight In good condition, one of the thumb screws that adjust the squeeze on the bag is missing its centre cap. It doesn't effect the use of it and could be replaced for a couple of quid of Ebay, just haven't seen the need to replace it myself. Can meet if not too far away or can send it on currier looks like £20 to send it. looking for £500 Thanks.
  3. ​Hawke Airmax 30 SF AMX IR, ​Few moths old, Has a pair of medium height match weaver mounts with it, Mint condition only fitted for two months then traded the rifle. Chassis: 30mm Mono-tube Optical System: 4-16× Objective: 50mm Reticle: AMX IR Illumination: Red - Stepless Focus/Parallax: Side Focus - 9m / 10yds to Infinity Field of View m @100m / ft @100yds 7.7 - 2.2m / 23 - 6.5ft Eye relief: 102mm / 4″ Length: 358mm / 4.1″ Weight: 780g / 27.5oz Waterproof, Shockproof, Nitrogen purged. All calibre rated. http://www.hawkeoptics.co.uk/airmax-30-sf-4-16x50-amx-ir.html ​£190 posted. ​Any questions P.M me. ​Tanks.
  4. ​I have the following for sale - ​Burris Fast Fire 2 reflex sight. Was mounted on a LBP, Hardly seen any use. Comes with a mount for a GSG 1911, Other mounts are available separately, All accessories and instructions included. Mint. £150 posted. ​Link for the available mounts - http://www.burrisoptics.co.uk/index.aspx?m=81&idc=2&ids=52 ​21st Century concentricity gauge. Good gauge to use, This is one before they added the wheel to them, You can get it separate but I've always just used a bit of wood with rubber on the edge of it to roll the case with, Works great. £140 posted. Thanks.
  5. I have the following for sale- New unused Tipton carbon fibre cleaning rod model number – 720747, .27cal, 36”. £45 posted (has to be sent with parcelforce due to length) New unused Redding type s bushing match die set 300 Win Mag P/N 36153 (F/L bushing die and mic seater die) £ SOLD New unused Redding competition shell holder set No 6 P/N 11606 £40 posted. Fits the following- · 223 WSSM 6mm-300 WSM 25-300 WSM 25-300 Remington Ultra Magnum 257 Weatherby Magnum 257 STW 264 Winchester Magnum 6.5mm Remington Magnum 6.5mm STW 6.5mm-300 WSM 6.5mm-300 Weatherby Magnum 6.5mm-300 Remington Ultra Magnum 270 Weatherby Magnum 270 WSM 270-300 Winchester Magnum 270-300 Weatherby 270-300 Remington Ultra Magnum 284 Baer 7mm Remington Magnum 7mm Remington SAUM 7mm WSM 7mm Weatherby Magnum 7mm Hart Magnum 7mm Remington Ultra Magnum 7mm STW 7x61mm Sharpe & Hart 7x66mm Vom Hofe S.E. 7mm- 300 Weatherby Magnum 7mm-300 Winchester Magnum 7mm-300 Remington Ultra Magnum 7mm-350 Remington Magnum 30 Hart Magnum 30-338 Winchester Magnum 30-8mm Remington Magnum 30-350 Remington Magnum 300 H&H Magnum 300 Winchester Magnum 300 Weatherby Magnum 300 Mashburn Magnum 300 Jarrett 300 Remington SAUM 300 Remington Ultra Magnum 300 WSM 308 Baer 308 Norma Magnum 8mm Remington Magnum 8mm-338 Winchester Magnum 8mm-300 Winchester Magnum 8mm-300 WSM 8x56mm Mannlicher 338 Winchester Magnum 338 Baer 338 Jarrett 338-308 Norma Magnum 338-300 WSM 338-8mm Remington Magnum 338-300 Winchester Magnum 338-350 Remington Magnum 340 Weatherby Magnum 338 Remington Ultra Magnum 35-8mm Remington Magnum 35-338 Winchester Magnum 35-300 Weatherby Magnum 35-300 WSM 350 Remington Magnum 358 Norma Magnum 358 STA 9.3x74mm R 9.3mm Wilson 375 H&H Magnum 375 Mashburn Magnum 375 Weatherby Magnum 375-300 Winchester Magnum 375-300 WSM 375 Remington Ultra Magnum 375-8mm Remington Magnum 375-338 Winchester Magnum 375-350 Remington Magnum 416 Remington Magnum 416-300 Remington Ultra Magnum 416-300 WSM 416 Hoffman 416 Taylor 416 Express 425 Express 450 Ackley Magnum 450 Marlin 455 Webley 458x2" American 458 Winchester Magnum 470 Capstick Thanks.
  6. ​Shooting shed F/TR bipod, This is the Mk3 latest version. Comes with Ansutz rail fitting, fitting for the slot on the underside of the AICS stock and instructions. Used twice, as new condition. £210 posted next day insured service. New Tipton carbon rod .27cal, 36". £45 posted (has to go with Parcelforce due to its size) New Redding type 'S' match die set Part No- 36153, F/L die and mic seating die. £125 posted. New Redding comp shell holder set No 6. Part No- 11606. £40 posted. Thanks.
  7. Try shooting shed for a spigot for the AICS, I have the friction adjustable one on mine with a parker hale pod and it is excellent.

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