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  1. According to the website spiel, yes. In my experience though (I run very hot), if you wear a waterproof fleece smock like this while moving - on a stalk for example - you will get sweaty. If you run cold however, it might be fine, YMMV. It would be ideal for winter high seat or range work, but I don't do as much of that as I would like unfortunately, hence the sale.
  2. Hi, I found this to be a little too warm for me, so I haven't really used it and as a result it's in great condition. It's a Rivers West waterproof fleece smock with a kangaroo pocket and handwarmer pockets. The hood is detachable and there is a high collar. The colour is green and the size is Medium, so it's good for up to around a 40-42" chest and around a 34" waist. Pictures below - I'm looking for £50 posted. Cheers!
  3. Hi Banus02, The ear defenders are sold, pending payment. If this sale falls through I will post the picture. Thanks!
  4. Hi Dustyman, I don't see why not, assuming you're on the UK mainland! Can you send me a PM and we can discuss postage?
  5. Hi everyone, I've got two as-new bits of kit which I don't need anymore: The first is a T.A.B. Gear Pollock Shooting Mat in OD green, which I bought when I was intending to start shooting FT/R seriously. There's no padding in it, except a thin strip at one end and that's why I chose it, to get the best possible rest for the rear bag with no sponginess. The mat cost me over £100 when I bought it and they have only gone upward from there now, what with the current exchange rates. It is in as-new condition (never laid on or even taken outside!) and I would like £80 ONO. I also have a set of as-new Howard Leight Impact Sport electronic ear defenders (green with a black headband). I've never got on with over-the-ear defenders because of the shape of my head and unfortunately these proved to be the same. They can be bought new for around £40, so I'm asking £30 ONO. I'm happy to meet somewhere to exchange in person, or I can post the items to you, subject to agreeing a final price for item(s) and postage. If anyone wants to know more then please ask! Tom.
  6. Cool, I need to have a bit of a think, but I'm looking at an F T/R build and the Sightrons seem to be well thought of - unfortunately the March offerings are a little out of my price range right now!
  7. Hi, is the Sightron still up for sale?
  8. Majormalfunction

    FAC dumb questions?

    Thanks, this is all good info; I definitely intend to join BASC in the next couple of weeks. Really excited to get this sorted and get out shooting!
  9. Majormalfunction

    FAC dumb questions?

    Yeah, if the FLO is a decent chap it should all go smoothly; if not, there is always the BASC to assist. Hopefully good biscuits will ensure everything goes smoothly!
  10. Majormalfunction

    Art of the Precision Rifle part 1.

    I have the DVD; I also have it on my hard drive so I can watch it on the go There is about 8 hours in total...
  11. Majormalfunction

    FAC dumb questions?

    Cheers Orka! Joining BASC is on my to do list; just need to get a bit of work done first to alleviate university induced poverty. Does anyone else feel like some aspects of applications are less than clear though, particularly how to apply for moderators - there is almost nothing online about this!
  12. Majormalfunction

    FAC dumb questions?

    I've been shooting for quite some time without owning my own rifles or holding an FAC. I graduate University this summer and I'd like to get an FAC sorted out soon, but there seems to be a lot of conflicting information which is causing me some confusion, so I was wondering if anyone would be willing to share their experiences with me? Firstly, does the safe have to be installed at my home address? It doesn't explicitly say this in the literature and there may be better, more accessible and more secure locations available to me... Should I apply for the rifles/calibres I expect to realistically expect to purchase in the next five years, or for just what I would want straight away? When applying for moderators, do I say, for example "6.5mm sporting rifle with moderator", or do I ask for the moderator separately? For that matter, can I use the metric calibre, or will I have to state that in imperial? When applying for firearms for vermin/deer control, how would I go about applying for expanding/hollowpoint/softpoint ammunition? When applying for a sporting rifle for stalking, do I need to have permission ground big enough to shoot it over, or can I give evidence of stalking experience as a paying customer? Wow, that's a lot of questions! Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Majormalfunction

    Who supplies Steel Targets in the UK.

    Andrew at WMS sells some good ones: http://wms-firearmstraining.org/steel-targets-for-sale They are good fun to shoot at! (suppose you could say that about all targets, though!)

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