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    Shooting, hunting, fishing...
    Landies, Aviation, Sailing, DIY...

    I ain't got enough money for more interests...
    .22lr, cz455
    .22lr K22 LBP
    .204 Ruger, Rem700, custom by Valkyrie
    7mm RSAUM, Stiller Predator Custom by Steve Kershaw

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  1. LR Chris

    Remington 700 floor plate.

    contact Baldie on here he has mine from when I converted to AI mag :-)
  2. That brings a smile to a true yorkshire man :-)
  3. Out of interest Dave, how many times do you reckon your brass has been reloaded by annealing after every firing? I have just started down the same route of annealing after each fire, with new Nosler brass for both rifles. Only on 2nd reloads now... I was getting neck cracking after 5-6 reloads before on Remington brass without annealing...
  4. LR Chris

    Photo bucket

    Wow, I didn't know that... I just replied to a post yesterday & embedded links to Photobucket & didn't realise the pics didn't show 'til now. So who is everyone using now instead of PB? Can we embed thumbnail jpeg images direct? thanks ;-) edited to add, going to delete all my PB images :-)
  5. LR Chris

    New sniper world record - 3,450 metres

    I saw the link today too Cprl Harrison did well to hold it for 8 years though :-) https://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/canadian-elite-special-forces-sniper-sets-record-breaking-kill-shot-in-iraq/article35415651/
  6. LR Chris

    The Grail

    Very nice Dave, I'm glad you managed to fulfill a dream. I remember your enquiry on the post previously mentioned. :-) Enjoy
  7. LR Chris

    New - Mile Long Shooting Range - In the UK.

    That pic of the OS map would suggest the range is here https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/Clerkhill/@55.268368,-3.2082439,13z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x487d4333c3348081:0xbedcfc989bf12684!8m2!3d55.268368!4d-3.173225
  8. LR Chris

    Never assume

    Sadly NO, I will still use my thrower for a 95% charge & then use the more accurate TM :-)
  9. LR Chris

    Never assume

    I while back I posted seeking advice on a replacement powder thrower. My RCBS thrower was playing up, giving inconsistant throws & being a right PIA..... Thanks to all that made suggestions :-) I bought a Target Master from 1066 to ease my pain & a great bit of kit that is, with the intention that using my innaccurate thrower to give something near 95% of what I needed. But my powder thrower still wasn't working right, sometimes 95% the next throw 50%... Nothing added up... Everything looked OK so I persevered... I almost bought another thrower at the Northern shooting show... Today, again it played up trying to load a batch so having time to spare I stripped it down to component parts & found a tiny bit of a seal from a powder bottle lodged in the dispenser tube... It's now working as it should ;-) Just goes to show, just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not there...
  10. LR Chris

    Variation turn around

    WY weren't doing variations at the show. I asked why NY were & WY wasn't.... No answer but she said she would take it in for me if I completed it there & then :-) btw the stall was advertised as "NY & Durham" no mention of WY... I had to ask if they were there... It was dissappointing that NY can do variations on the day but other forces won't...
  11. LR Chris

    Variation for FAC Air Rifle

    PC & GT3 The Impact was at the top of my list until I found out about the new Crown. The new smooth twist X barrel plus the magnitude of air adjustments & the Impact lead times swung it for me ;-) I was also considering the Evanix sniper / X2 but I was unable to find a UK dealer who could get me the FAC varient in .25.... :-(
  12. LR Chris

    Variation for FAC Air Rifle

    I rang Livens & I now have a FX Crown in .25 cal FAC on pre order. It will probably be the first one in the UK ... :-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9FltK2aiWY
  13. LR Chris

    Variation turn around

    Well done West Yorkshire FLD Variation form submitted Sunday at the Northern Shooting show stand, 7th May. Got a phone call on Monday saying post my FAC in & it would be granted 8th May, I still dunno why they didn't take it Sunday... Licence received back in todays post :-) 15th May, but processed & signed off 9th May. So Royal Mail took 6 days to deliver it...
  14. LR Chris

    Variation for FAC Air Rifle

    Thanks guys, I'll give them a ring later today ;-)
  15. LR Chris

    Variation for FAC Air Rifle

    Where did you buy it from PC? I'm trying to find a FX dealer that can supply other than .22 & FAC rated...

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