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  1. Cj10

    US Optics @ Optics Warehouse

    Optics Warehouse. My B17 was defective on receipt and needed to go back to US Optics for repair, via Optics Warehouse. Took seven weeks just to leave the UK after returning it to Optics Warehouse. No clear date for its return, but I suspect it will be early 2020.
  2. Don’t suppose you have the US Optics ARD for the B17? If so does it fit ok? I ask as I have just purchased both and the threads are incompatible. Supplier has contacted US Optics and they need the scope back in the states to correct the issue!
  3. No longer shoot gallery rifle so time to move this on. Purchased new in 1999, a JM stamped 357 1894CS. In good condition with great woodwork. Simmonds Whitetail scope included. Price reduction to £750. Open to offers. Can include around 300 357 brass, hard cast bullets and lee dies for the asking price. Advertised elsewhere.
  4. This is in very good condition,, with target turrets, .25 MOA adjustment clicks, 30 mm tube, sunshade and Butler Creek caps. Been replaced by a Schmidt MIL scope, which is now my preference. Does not include the JP mount. Scope alone priced at £400. JP mount available, for £50, once the scope has sold. Further phtotss available on request
  5. Nightforce NXS 5.5.- 22 x 50mm with the NP2-DD reticule. Non zero stop. Has a NF sunshade and Butler Creek lens covers. Good condition. Price = £700 Browing Fusion S2 shotgun in very good condition with remaining cartridges. £500. both advertised elsewhere.
  6. I will offer £22 for 292 223 including postage. Beileve you can send a small parcel of up to 2kg via Royal Mail for £2.95. That equates to about 292 cases? Let me know what you think.
  7. Cj10

    DTA Kahles co-operation

    Mine too, although I understand the chassis will need machining to accept the adjustable cheekpiece ?

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