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  1. Full Bradley arms csr package. Selling due to not having made a CSR shoot in over a year now and its too much rifle sitting not being used. Rifle has had 702 documented rounds. All in good condition. Spec Bradley arms upper and lower Armalon hammer forged barrel with spangly doofer Geissele trigger (i think its hi speed national match but i can't remember, its the one mark recommended as best) Magpul UBR stock with thicker rubber pad, magpul grip and BAD lever 4 x magpul gen 3 PMAGS with window and ranger plates (marker pen on side by me to denote 10 and 12 rounds) ADM recon extended 30mm quick release scope mount Leupold tactical VX-R Patrol 1.24-4x20 SPR(only comes in mils) Chinese trijon copy Special CSR forum made sling Speed loader Storm/Peli case 298 rounds of FN mil 5.56 and the box All in £2900 no offers Will not split bar -£350 without scope and mount Located near plymouth Possible to RFD transfer on full payment. Will
  2. jungle_re

    Mike Yardley positiveshooting.com

    agreed and the other publishers too. I also think there is milage in sending well written simple letters to the editor/publisher of each magazine.
  3. All items paid for now posted
  4. jungle_re

    Mike Yardley positiveshooting.com

    Couldn't pay the mess bills
  5. jungle_re

    Mike Yardley positiveshooting.com

    Nicely done Gunmart removed thank for the heads up
  6. jungle_re

    Mike Yardley positiveshooting.com

    Thanks you the link, about to watch now. Its recent posts on Facebook came up as an advertised block on my page (his positive shooting website)
  7. jungle_re

    Mike Yardley positiveshooting.com

    He writes i believe for: SportingShooter ClayShooter Shooting Times The Field None of which i will now ever buy Interesting further quotes from him. Antis don't need to divide and conquer as we do it to ourselves https://ukshootingnews.wordpress.com/2015/06/29/do-you-shoot-civilian-service-rifle-mike-yardley-thinks-youre-selfish-and-weird/
  8. More people were killed in the battle of the somme than are medically fit in the whole of the british army, including blanket stackers, bottle washers and clerks! A third of which died on the first day. If it wasn't for our special forces, security services and the magic red button we would not factor at all internationally. Technology has moved things on somewhat but still it a harrowing thought. The Dresden point is an interesting one and bomber commander in general with the sheepishness the british government had after events leading the the disgraceful treatment and only the recent memorial to those brave men and commanders many who never lived to see it. The hard lesson (and its always a hard one) learnt if you have ever been bullied. If someone repeatedly hurts you, hits or kicks you when you finally brake and fight back you don't stop when they are on the floor, you make sure they don't even consider thinking about it, not one grain of doubt left till that person is physically and mentally broken. You don't get that if you let them back up to their feet. We as a country have forgotten this or those who have lived to sheltered lives that have never had the need arise leading to the spineless lord of the flies politicians we have now. There is no crueler animal than a human being.
  9. jungle_re

    Mike Yardley positiveshooting.com

    My point exactly Andy
  10. jungle_re


    It's says first so I guess he never did. Well done Dave hope it furthers your success, I get you a half next time I make Canadian pavilion
  11. jungle_re

    Mike Yardley positiveshooting.com

    I have an opinion on what I believe to be a growing and unhealthy fetish with military style weapons and kit amongst some sporting shooters. It's my OPINION. It may be right or wrong, but some would seem not happy that I should express it at all. They accuse me of being a fool, a splitist, or worse for doing so. Well, guess what? We disagree. Live with it. But, don't come to this page to abuse, bully, insult or force your extreme ideas down my or my page follower's throats. State your case, argue, do the things that civilised people do. Also consider that in the tone of your response you will be judged. Meantime, I just don't think it is positive IN TODAY'S CLIMATE to promote shooting 'sports' which ape the police or military. I know such activities can be fun but there is more at stake here than that. It's not about our selfish likes and dislikes any more it is about something bigger. If shooting is to survive into the future, I think we have to consider very carefully its nature. I don't just make comment about unhealthy obsession with military weapons, I am concerned about the excesses of pheasant shooting and trophy hunting. Shooting, to survive, must fit its times and evolve where necessary...
  12. A quote direct from his site I think military style weapons in civilian hands convey quite the wrong image and one which is potentially damaging to the shooting sports at the moment. The possession of such weapons panders to potentially unhealthy fantasy (and don't tell me it doesn't, I have spoken to/observed too many fantasists). And these guns with large mags and rapid firing mechanisms facilitate amok killing in the wrong hands. With our sports so threatened now, I think it important that we make a clear statement about this even if it is personally inconvenient. I certainly can't defend the use of Armalite and AK clones in the media when our chips are down, just as I cannot defend big bag pheasant shooting or obsessive trophy taking. It also concerns me that Black Gun culture has become such a big deal in the US. It is something that has risen in particular since 9/11. I think it is a negative, dark, trend born of insecurity. I can't believe after all that has happened to uk shooting sport someone who is so widely published and has the power of influence could be so divided. Infighting and politics between shooting disciplines is terrible. The responses he has had in both directions on Facebook just shows how ignorant so many people are with what our current laws allow and what is already illegal. I for one will no longer buy a single publication Yardley writes for and will be writing to tell them such.
  13. Can't pm anymore this month John, I can drop it in if you like as your only a few miles down the road?

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