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  1. Sorry JP I've already had a PM from another member and the hog saddle is sold subject to the normal. Eberlestock still for sale.
  2. I have an Eberlestock Phantom for sale. It's in really good condition. Its on E bay item number 323659932938 also a hogs saddle as new £100 Thanks
  3. Bump this back up and price reduce to £900 for rifle, scope and 4x 25 round mags
  4. Nightforce NXS 8-32x56 30mm tube NPR1 reticle 1/8MOA adjustment 1 owner from new, comes with box sunshade etc. Not zero stop Sold
  5. tisme

    7mm-08 bullet reccomendations.

    My 7 08 was shooting 162gr @ 2708fps. BC i was using was .307 g7, zeroed at 100yrds, drop for 1000 yrs 30.25moa, drop for 1663 was 81.25moa, it got there no problems and splash was easy to see. The transonic zone was at around 1250yds and went through it no worries, I didn't find any other bullet that did as well. I also know a couple of others with 7-08 that also shoot 162 elds by choice. But hay maybe I just didn't try hard enough with the other bullets but when you find one thats does what you want you dont tend to try harder with ones that didn't
  6. tisme

    7mm-08 bullet reccomendations.

    Love to know how you work that out
  7. tisme

    7mm-08 bullet reccomendations.

    I've just sold my 708 but was using Hornady ELD 162gr. They are very good at long range ( got mine out to 1663yds). The splash I got from them always seemed easier to spot than Bergers and other bullets I tried. At 1000yds it was very good.
  8. Hi I think its a 32" its the std benchmark they come with. The sale is just the rifle but i could add the scope for a price. Its a NF NP R2 reticle and 1/8 moa
  9. Bought new in Jan 17 only shot 350 rounds, shoots really well I scored 149 out of 150 first time out with it. Looking for £2250 Write up on them here http://www.targetshooter.co.uk/?p=2046
  10. It's a 22lr with a cmmg bolt. I can honestly say it's never jammed a single time. A 5.56 barrel and bolt could be very easily fitted

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