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  1. Tony1954

    Odd coloured cases after tumbling

    I use the LEM cleaner and pins , But found a after re sizing some Martini Henry cases the cleaner was slow to clean and cases were left dull, this was due to the amount of lube left on the cases ( as baldie points out ) This left the pins almost black with lube, so I ran the cleaner with hot water and a dishwasher tablet result pins like new. The next batch of 308 case were cleaned with hot water and dishwasher tablet ( the cheap ones £2 for 40 ) this reduced cleaning time and I think the brass is cleaner, swilled in rinse aid and drained then fruit drier .
  2. Tony1954

    6.5 questions

    + for 6.5/06
  3. Tony1954

    Advice needed. Chamber issues

    Hi This seems to be a problem on used Howa 223's I have no had 5 rifles in for this concern . If a new extractor is fitted the problem is nearly always fixed. Supply issues with getting new extractors I have found that stoning the extractor claw to a slightly steeper angle works . Hope this may help. Tony
  4. Tony1954

    Borak bara

    Hi We had three of the 99 on the range yesterday, three owners with big smiles. Mag release button a little on the small side, all three were new and functioned well on 28g H.V. fibre wads carts. At around £500 great value for money.
  5. Tony1954

    6.5-06 head sctratching

    Hi its the load I am using to run the barrel in, no sign of pressure with case expansion or primer . I will use 140g M/kings for my long range work so I will then be looking for a max load. As we know no two guns are alike each will have its max point. I am testing with PPU 30/06 and 270 brass. Atb Tony
  6. Tony1954

    6.5-06 head sctratching

    Hi ,I have a 6.5 / 06 Sassen 26" barrel with 123g Sierra matchking and 50g Vhit 160 getting 2820 - 2826 fps Hope this helps Tony
  7. Hi Just built a 6.5/06 and first tests with 123g SMK H414 50gn shoot a one hole group (8) rnds at 200mts
  8. We have just built this 6.5/06. Howa l/a , Sassen 1-8 barrel our own profile, fitted our own muzzle brake into a GRS stock. Fired a few shot to run in the barrel and showing near one hole group at 200mts
  9. Tony1954

    6.8mm REM SPC

    Thank you for your input Laurie. Atb Tony
  10. Help Please , looking to build a 6.8mm SPC B/A magazine rifle. Can anyone suggest a action due to the case head size, 308 too slack and 223 to small. Would it be possible to bush a 308 bolt or machine a 223 bolt ??? Any help would be good. Thank you Tony
  11. Tony1954

    Winter Tyres?

    Tyres and Dampers are the last items get checked on the vehicle. Most motorist never check a tyre pressure or tread depth and seem very surprised when their 1st 10-12000 service is due the are told they need tyres replaced (worn)manly due to under inflation. In 43 years in the motor trade with Vauxhall, Peugeot, Ford, Fiat I have advised damper replacement on 100's of vehicle but have only changed them as MOT fails. For the few who don't know shock absorber's are the springs. If the dampers don't keep the tyres on the surface the best of tyres can't work
  12. Tony1954

    .204 Howa rifle sale bummer

    I have been selling Howa rifles for a good few years Brian Fox was supplying them. They do what it says on the tin a basic solid rifle. I have never seen one sold at that kind of price. The action is worth up to £200 . Tony
  13. Tony1954

    NRA use of militry ranges

    Hi This is how the letter read to me that the NRA want to have control of SCC issue and they will want a pound of flesh for this service . Tony
  14. Tony1954

    NRA use of militry ranges

    Thank you for your reply's, we are a affiliated club with trained RCO and have been using military ranges for over 25 years. Perhaps its the fact that I only had a quick read , but we felt it read the NRA wanted to take full control of the issuing of SCC cards. The club Secretary is contacting the NRA for clarification . Again thank you all. Tony
  15. Hi, our club secretary has received a letter from the NRA stating all members of the club would need Shooting Validation Cards To shoot on Military Ranges and would need to be full members of the NRA. The cards will only by issued after taking a test with the NRA, Clubs will NOT be able to issue cards. So the NRA no longer Trust Clubs to police shooting in a safe manner . Has any other clubs had such a letter or am I reading it wrong ?? . Tony

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