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  1. I'm trimming after resizing........ I really don't understand why there was a suggestion to trim before resizing 😕
  2. Well, I have just sent off 100 cases to Mark. We shall see. Meanwhile I'm looking at a Caselife annealer item (£179) or a Reloader Brass annealer (£220), the latter having a 6 week lead time.
  3. I shall look into it Sir! I'm sitting here looking at eighty cleaned, resized (ha ha) and trimmed cases and was thinking about cracking on and reloading them but will put them to one side for the moment while I investigate annealing services.
  4. Gents, thank you all very much for the helpful pointers, all of which have been taken on board! I'm in no position to get involved in any complex annealing process or have a machine to do it for me, but I will keep a more careful eye on number of firings of each batch of brass from now on. Nonetheless, although I'm probably never going to score successive V-bulls at 1000 yards at Bisley, the shots are close enough for me on the rare occasions that I get the chance to shoot at that distance. Clearly some room for improvement though!
  5. Thanks Popsbengo, The data may have been misleading - sorry. I should have mentioned that a fully-fireformed case comes out at 1.5585" and I was bumping back (or hoping to) 1.5570". Going back to 1.5565" might be more sensible. In my example I had quite a number of cases that were at 1.5575" after firing so used them initially. I think you, and others, in suggesting that either the expander or overly-springy brass (or both) might be correct in where the problem lies. I shall take all that on board and my next reloads will now be with new Hornady and Starline brass and I'll keep a careful
  6. Hi Catch-22, No, I'm not removing the ejector, and I'm trimming after f/l sizing. Not that there's much, if anything, to take off, but I'll trim first then size and see how that goes. As I mentioned above, it just seems to be an issue with the 6.5CM brass - perhaps I'm expecting too much from it! Now, there's a thought about the expander......... something else to try! Thanks!
  7. Thanks Pat - maybe it is a lack of annealing. It's something that I've never done, but I'll try keeping the pressure on for a while longer and see if that helps. I think that the lube is consistent. It's not a problem that I've had with .308 and .223 cases, so perhaps the 6.5CM brass is a little more sensitive to multiple firings and lack of annealing.
  8. Laugh at me if you will, but I use Lee dies for all my reloading activities (.38/.357, .223, .308, 6.5, 7.92) and am pleased with the outcomes. However, over the past year I have been using the Hornady "Headspace Comparator Kit" as a means of adjusting the dies to give the cases a modest set back ("bump"?) rather than a full-on re-size in anticipation of the brass lasting a little longer - particularly for the 6.5CM. However, taking a practical example of a number of Hornady cases, all fired several times and fresh out of the chamber at (using comparator insert 'C') 1.5575" I set the f/l
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