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  1. Hi, I have bought and installed Quickload v 3.9, so far so good. Can't seem to find out how to access QuickTarget..... Anyone got any tips? Thanks.
  2. Toby

    McM A5 for stalking

    Thanks for the replies guys.
  3. Just wondering, is anyone using one of these stocks on their stalking rifles? Also prone, highseat or offhand work? Thanks.
  4. Toby

    My new varmint rifle

    Nice rifle. Most probably a 1-12" if it isn't a 1-8".
  5. Toby

    squirrel eating

    Do reds taste better than greys In all serious, no greys over here. Just reds but no one eats them and few shoot them. Have eaten crow, fieldfare, jay before, all good. Crow actually similar to grouse. Drew the line at gulls and fox.
  6. Toby

    Optilock base problem

    Sorted, donut alert. Use the right bolt, the shorter silver one what is a barsteward is that I am of course missing one of the little silver jobbies in the pack so wont be zeroing new scope tomorrow after all.
  7. Hi. Has anyone else experienced problems fitting the base to the bottom half of the rings? I have had Sakos for many years and have not had issues before. The problem is that I cannot get the screws to bite on the thread. I dont want to force things and thread it but surely this should bite and screw in fairly effortlessly? I havent had these issues before, any ideas?
  8. Hausken and A-Tec are the two leading moderator brands here in Norway. Both are well made and effective. The advantage with the Hausken is, at least over here, you can get them calibre specific and they are a great company to deal with.
  9. Toby

    Has the .17 HMR had its day?

    I believe that 17 Rem factory offerings are 20 or 25 grain. Deffo not 40.
  10. Toby

    Sako 85 Long Range 300WM ?

    Funnily enough just last night I read a Swedish test about this rifle. In 300 Win Mag lighter bullets grouped fine. Heavier spread big time. The tester was that unimpressed that he punted the rifle back to Sako Sweden and asked for another. Long story short same deal. Great accuracy with lighter bullets, that which promotes growth and vigour ($ hite)with heavies. Think it is a 11" twist but dont quote me on that. They tried the 338 LM version and that was unfussy bullet wise. Apparently Sako Sweden arent taking in the 300WM after these findings....
  11. Toby


    Nice rifle. Got to love an old Sako ;-)
  12. I had a 75 in 222. Had it rebarelled to varmint weight 17 Rem(1-9") and added McMillan stock. Super happy with my dedicated fox" fur" rifle.
  13. Toby

    Dog fox, Aussie style.

    Big old brute. What did he weigh?
  14. Toby

    Predator 223

    Nice work as always Dave ;-)
  15. Toby

    Winter foxing

    Thanks for the comments.

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