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  1. Thanks David, We very much appreciated your positive feedback. Hope to see you in Czech soon.
  2. Gary C

    Alpha Mags Problem

    Hi Mark Took me 8 months to get my mags and this was delivery to our U.S exporter! The mags are restricted under ITAR and cannot be legally exported unless via an exporter with a licence (just FYI avoiding an orange jumpsuit)
  3. Gary C

    Canada results

    Thanks Gents. Laure you are correct, the Chou brothers were wind coaching! Extreme heat and humidity makes the worst mirage possible, the team did well to combat this and I think a little more "cross trade" practice we could of won.
  4. Gary C

    Canada results

    All three teams had a mix of FTR and open, the Canadians had the Chiew brothers who are total ninja's and know the range inside out, I forget the amount of medals they won in the individual matches, the Canadians beat us by 11 points, so considering we had F open coaching FTR and FTR coaching open it was a very good result.
  5. Gary C

    Canada results

    Hi Laurie Conditions were vastly different to the UK, extreme heat (32degrees+) add in 98% humidity and the worst mirage I have ever seen (like looking through soup!) However when the sun went in and the temp and humidity dropped, I got a great sight picture and was shooting the March on 40 & 50x. It appears we did pretty well coping with the conditions as we placed ahead of many top U.S and Canadian shooters (current world champ being one scalp) In addition the flags do not show wind until it really blows so most shoots were on Mirage, when that disappeared the wind was often still there, this destroyed a lot of people.
  6. Gary C

    Canada results

    Just so you know the results on the initial post are the first day prelim, they have changed considerably with 3 GB shooters finishing in the top 10 and one 3rd! The DCRA online results are awful however the final Agg and individual matches are there. We came back with a load of medals and trophies.
  7. Gary C


    Just returned from Canada with 90+ Degrees and 98%humidity. Several guys shooting .308 with RS powder and .284 all shot very well, so if your load is good it appears the RS works in extremes.
  8. Gary C

    6PPC Stolles

    Bruce They look terrific! Let's see a pic with the scopes mounted Best of luck with them.
  9. Gary C

    Rifle stocks from the usa ?

    V max We should be having some more Sentinels available in the next 6 months, Terry C was extremely busy with several contracts so was unable to supply last year, we will be putting In a large order soon. If anybody is fancy if one please let me know, there are more colours and marbles available now as well as long an short action. KMW will be back on our website soon (we removed it as we were disappointing so many people) Regarding importing a stock without an export licence, I strongly advise against it, most baggage is X-rayed now and a stock will stand out like a sore thumb, the TSA will report it to U.S customs and a world of pain will begin. I once carried some parts back with the correct DSA licence and customs pre-lodgement, all went well however when I got to UK customs and I opened my bag the TSA had checked every item with U.S customs, I had attached all the paperwork to the restricted items so all passed however a TSA note was in each bag, I will not be doing it again, shipping is the future.
  10. Gary C

    Picatinny Lever Release Mount?

    Recknagel ERA do several QD pic rail attach devices, I think I have some in stock, PM me with the item you are trying to attach and I will see if what we have is suitable. Cheers Gary
  11. Gary C

    Brian Litz book

    Guys We are an official stockist of Applied ballistics, we have to spend a lot of money to purchase the books in quantity and books are heavy so the shipping does increase the price. We have stock of all the publications including the new book. Books are guaranteed delivered next day.
  12. Gary C

    Shooting Show - March Scopes

    Sorry to Disappoint, but Mik is right, we got dripped upon and nearly blew our video display, also I dared to asked about a vacuum, I was I formed "those that were prepared brought their own" !! Not paying a fortune to display quality optics in a cowshed. If anybody in the Midlands or North of England would like to View a March without making the journey South, Mik@ Dolphin has some in Stock and Stuart(osprey) has a Demo at Diggle, both are authorised re-sellers. If anybody fancies a trip to Germany we will be there. Also Des is right the Euros at Bisley in the Summer has a trade tent, we will be there with Demo scopes as well as quite a few other companies.
  13. Gents Just for the record, Terry Cross has not contacted SSS, we were looking into alternatives due to the problem in importing and Terry's very busy work schedule, however nobody is making Sentinels apart from Terry in the USA.
  14. Gary C


    Hi Danny Is that standard 4831 not Short Cut? Thanks for the heads up. Gary
  15. Gary C

    please recommend neck measuring gauges

    Hi Simon MITUTOYO do a ball end digital micrometer which is very nice, also Sinclair sell a specific case neck micrometer which is very easy to use, not cheap though. Regards Gary

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