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  1. Hardy

    Unlike dinner partners?

    I'm pleased Aardvark got my meaning, Snowflake indeed!
  2. Hardy

    Has the .17 HMR had its day?

    Had a couple of squib rounds 5 years ago with .17 Hmr no problems since. Very capable and accurate rifle, love it. CZ 452 varmint 16" barrel.
  3. Hardy

    closed ticket

    Prior to getting an open licence all I ever did was email my area Firearms dept. and ask if the new land I hoped to shoot on had been assessed and if so up to what calibre. This did not need to be in their specific area but they checked with other areas if needed and I got a response back within hours telling me what the land had been passed for if at all. No mention of a signed permission slip other than when first applying or renewing FAC, when it (singular) is mandatory. I have never heard of a condition which states all land I could shoot on must be registered with them and would have strongly objected if it was suggested to me.
  4. Hardy

    Unlike dinner partners?

    Neither had a nut allergy but one of them had a severe reaction to lead not too long after.
  5. Hardy

    Unlike dinner partners?

    Not too recent but interesting anyway, snapped this couple snacking on peanuts I had put out when I was confirming what was digging up the Farmers lawn.
  6. He says £950 for the T3 in his post last Saturday.
  7. PM resent as requested. Please PM me your email address.
  8. Hardy

    OCW Target

    Thanks for that.
  9. Any response would be appreciated.My PMs seem to be getting deleted.???
  10. Hardy

    Awaiting FAC

    Some days I think you could be correct but soon forget. I have tended to come on here quite often as a guest mainly. More so since I got my centre fire. This forum is very good for info (as you know) and craic. Will be on more often now I am getting into it. A member on another forum asked for a message to be sent to a member on here and I needed to sign in properly, it was then I saw the response to my first post.
  11. Hardy

    Awaiting FAC

    This must be the longest time to take to respond to a post Up to now have Rapid mk1 .22, cz22lr, cz17hmr, cz .222, laurona o/u 12g and Winchester SX3 12g S/A. Sorry for the delay but I have been out shooting.
  12. If you will PM me your email address a member on another forum is very interested in your HMR for sale.

  13. PM sent re HMR. If you will PM me your email address a member on another forum is very interested in your HMR for sale.
  14. Hardy

    Awaiting FAC

    Hi all, Have been away from the scene for some years now but decided (in my retirement) to rekindle my interest again. Had my FEO visit last week and awaiting SG/FAC.So it is window shopping only for me for the next few weeks with the occasional walk with the air rifle.

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