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  1. Thank You, that's exactly what I was after, saves me £100 on buying MORE powder,,, Dave
  2. So NO ONE has done a load using LOVEX D073.4 (AA2230) , for 77Gn Heads.. Just that I have over 2kg of the stuff. Rather than buy RS52? Cheers Dave
  3. Thanks Gents, looks like i will be getting some RS52.. I will keep the LOVEX for my SAKO Varmint .223 Loads Cheers Dave
  4. Looking for Load advice for above BRADLEY ARMS AR15 5.56/.223 WYLDE 1:8 Twist Using Nosler .223 Brass Sierra 77gn HPBT Heads S&B Small Rifle primers.. Standard length if poss... 2.260"/ 57.4mm Available Powders LOVEX D073.4 (AA2230) - PREFERRED Choice, lots of it.. VECTAN I am running out of GGG 62gn (thankfully) so need to get a load sorted. Thank you Dave.
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