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    .22 Tony Kidd custom shop 10/22
    .22/20G savage combi gun
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  1. Hello. sorry, it was withdrawn from sale. I may be using it for mini rifle comps. good luck in your search phil
  2. Thanks for the interest. Not the time to sell, I will keep it for Mini rifle.
  3. Sorry, I thought I messaged to say thank you! Yes, it was spot on! πŸ‘ Any chance Β£55 inc postage? 😬
  4. Hello, Dis you buy this new? How old is it? Thanks Phil
  5. Any interest? Ono? πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ I am looking for an Eotech XPS2-0.
  6. Price reduced from £600 to £500 😊 Including UK insured postage.
  7. I have my gallery rifle scope up for sale. Sad to see it go but it’s not used much and I need a holosight. Purchase price was Β£800.99 Ink had faded πŸ™„ Boxed with all paperwork. Β£500 insured posted.
  8. Anyone interested? Β£250 plus postage?
  9. Hello, Just testing the water, I have been offered an Eotech sight with magnifier. I don't need the magnifier but the chap naturally don't want to split either. Is anyone interested in the magnifier? 3 years old, boxed and hardly used. Β£300
  10. pwinnall


    Hello I have one, but one that has the barrel threaded into the action. In my opinion, it is the best 10/22 you can get. It is so well engineered, have a look at the reviews on Rimfire Central. Where are you? You are more than welcome to try mine. thanks Phil

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